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Introducing the New Sunflour Baking Company Website

Today, we announced that Sunflour Baking Company has launched a new website, The site offers visitors in-depth information about our popular baked goods, rich visuals, and information about catering services as well as national and local...

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How to Eat 2 Cupcakes and Make It Look Like 1

Who said that you have to eat your cupcakes like muffins? Your cupcakes are an escape, not a controlled substance - how you eat them is your business! We have GREAT news for anyone who is willing to look beyond the cupcake norm, throw away cupcake politics, and take...

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Sydney Sogol enters the fray…

Local fiber artist Sydney Sogol has stepped up and joined the ranks of artists appearing On The Rail at Sunflour.  Her fabulous, sometimes functional and always carefree creations can be appreciated this month while enjoying a frothy latte in our cafe.  Lest you...

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Sunflour Café

Now serving craft beer and fine wines; pair with fresh thyme and olive oil focaccia, olive tapenade, roasted tomato, spinach and goat's cheese. What are you having for lunch?

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Simone McDowell is On The Rail at Sunflour

It's a new month and time to change the guard On The Rail... meet the latest artist to be featured at Sunflour Baking Company. SM Creative is just one of the many ways Simone McDowell, a quintessential creative, expresses herself and when the mood strikes she enjoys...

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