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Our breads are leavened with a natural wild yeast starter, more commonly known as “sourdough starter”.  Hand-shaped and baked on a radiant stone hearth from France, most will keep for four or five days. Our breads are best stored in a paper bag or cut-side down on a cutting board.

Although slicing is available upon request, we are unable to slice our loaves until they have cooled completely, as the center continues to bake once out of the oven. Feel free to reserve a loaf or two in advance.

Sourdough 7.00
A country bread made from unbleached and unbromated wheat flour. It’s a three-day process, which includes just the right amount of fermentation to provide a light sourdough flavor. It pairs well with any food as a table bread or sandwich bread.
Rosemary olive oil 7.50
A combination of rosemary and lemon zest that has been soaked in olive oil is integrated throughout our sourdough bread. It pairs well with our egg salad and is a favorite for dipping in olive oil as an appetizer.
Multigrain 8.00
Packed with fiber and crunch, this bread contains whole wheat flour, rye flakes, barley flakes, rolled oats, millet, amaranth, cornmeal, triticale, flax seed, poppy seed, sesame seed and sunflower seeds.
Weekly Specials 
Please visit our stores to see other bread varieties our bakers create on a regular basis
Bread Bakery in Charlotte, NC | Sunflour Baking Company

We use only the freshest all natural ingredients sourced from local vendors whenever possible.

We bake in small batches to ensure freshness and bake according to seasonal availability.

Our loaves of bread are made from a natural wild yeast starter that gives a complex flavor profile. Our croissants, bread, and pastries are created using a three-day fermentation process that is quite time consuming, but well worth it. You can taste the extra preparation that we require of all of our batches. We consider this work the essential difference between what we are – a business of pastry artists; and what we will never become – a pastry business. Not looking for bread? Buy cupcakes in a jar online instead.


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