Our Awesome Cupcakes Ship Fresh

Order Cupcakes in a Jar today and get our awesome cupcakes delivered right to your door fresh. Makes a great customized gift for your party guests! Or a great host gift for the next party you attend. Cupcakes are delivered in jars, layered cake and buttercream, and sealed fresh. Select any date for the dessert delivery to arrive via our convenient online shopping process. Select how many jars you want, fill your pack up with flavors (we have 12 flavors available), and then enter your delivery address and selected date. Our system will automatically generate shipping costs via our shipping partner UPS.

The Psychology of Cupcakes: Why Everyone Loves Cupcakes

From that creamy, sweet frosting to that delicious moist cake, it's hard to be unhappy with a cupcake! And with well over 770 million cupcakes devoured each year, we think it's safe to say that we're not the only ones who think so. But what exactly is it about these...

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Cupcakes are the Perfect Long-Distance ‘Thank You’ Gift

Sometimes, saying 'thank you' isn't as easy as a warm smile and those magic words. There are dozens of situations in your life where you may want to send a note, an email, or even a personally chosen gift to express your gratitude to someone who has been kind to you....

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How to Throw a Birthday Party on the Road

Birthdays don't always happen when they are most convenient. You are not always home surrounded by friends and family when it's time to plan a birthday party and many people find themselves on the road during this very personally special time of year. Celebrating your...

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House Warming Gift Ideas

Moving from city to city is a natural part of modern life, especially for younger people or professionals who find themselves moving for work. This is an exciting time centered around putting a new life together somewhere unfamiliar and setting up a new home starting...

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