Our Awesome Cupcakes Ship Fresh

Order Cupcakes in a Jar today and get our awesome cupcakes delivered right to your door fresh. Makes a great customized gift for your party guests! Or a great host gift for the next party you attend. Cupcakes are delivered in jars, layered cake and buttercream, and sealed fresh. Select any date for the dessert delivery to arrive via our convenient online shopping process. Select how many jars you want, fill your pack up with flavors (we have 12 flavors available), and then enter your delivery address and selected date. Our system will automatically generate shipping costs via our shipping partner UPS.

Do You Know Where to Buy Cupcakes? We Do!

So you've been asked to bring a dessert to your department potluck? Or your son's birthday is next week and you've promised him you'll bring cupcakes for the whole class? Whatever the reason, now you're feeling the pressure: where to buy cupcakes? Well, you don't have...

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How To Send Someone Cupcakes To Brighten Their Birthday

Reading Time: 3:06 Are you planning a birthday surprise for someone special? If you already have a birthday card lined up, then you're off to a good start. But if you're thinking of going with the usual bouquet of flowers or the typical fruit basket, let us just stop...

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Secrets From Our Kitchen: How To Make Cupcakes in a Jar?

How to make cupcakes in a jar? Bring the flavor - layer different flavor combinations to make your own Packed to perfect - cool your cakes and layer cake & frosting until the jar is filled Seal the deal - Seal the jars with an air-tight lid for freshness and...

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Celebrate That Sweet Taste of Success

The Olympics had everyone thinking of gold medals these past two weeks. But not everyone can ski down a slope at 90 mph or execute a flawless triple axel. Nonetheless, we all have something special to celebrate from time to time. Whether it's landing a new job or...

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Featured Product: Coffee in a Cone

Now available at all our stores for limited time. The amazing "Coffee in a Cone". We are the only bakery in America serving this delicious treat. Real chocolate lined waffle cone filled with espresso and milk. Come try one today! Elizabeth, Dilworth, Harrisburg, and...

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You’ll Love These Creative DIY Mason Jar Projects

One of the hottest trends in DIY projects is to create fun, unique gifts out of mason jars. Mason jars are versatile and beautiful, and since they come in so many different sizes, they’re perfect for craft projects both large and small. Here are five of our favorite...

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