How to make cupcakes in a jar?

  1. Bring the flavor – layer different flavor combinations to make your own
  2. Packed to perfect – cool your cakes and layer cake & frosting until the jar is filled
  3. Seal the deal – Seal the jars with an air-tight lid for freshness and safekeeping

Cupcakes in a jar is a phenomenon that has taken over the dessert world. Sunflour Baking Company has been on the forefront of the cupcake in a jar craze. They make the perfect gift or sweet treat for yourself. While Sunflour Baking Company is always ready to ship your cupcakes near and far, we wanted to share some of our best tips and tricks with you for how to make cupcakes in a jar at home. Or check out “How to Order Cupcakes Online“.

Bringing the Flavor

When getting the hang of how to make cupcakes in a jar, the key is it’s all about personal preference. Want just one cupcake in your jar? Go with a 4 oz jar. Feel like doubling up? The 8 oz jars perfectly fit two cupcakes and all the frosting and toppings that your heart desires. For those exceptional sweet tooth days, 12 oz jars fit three cupcakes and all their topping goodness. Jars with wide openings also make it easier to maintain the structure of your cupcakes and add your buttercream and toppings easily.

Pick your favorite cupcake recipe and get to work making your cupcakes. No need for cupcake liners, just make sure to spray your baking tray down so the batter won’t stick.

Tip: if you always get batter all over your baking tray, use a pastry piping bag (or ziplock bag with the tip cut off) to fill your cupcake molds with precision.

One of the best thing about cupcakes is that the possibilities are endless. You can go super sweet, like double chocolate chip and salted caramel buttercream cupcakes. Or go more with more savory flavors. If you’re more of a traditional cupcake lover, German Chocolate and Birthday Cake are some of our favorites. Once your cupcakes are baked, you’re ready to move on to packing your cupcakes in a jar to perfection.

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Packed to Perfection

The secret to an awesome cupcake in a jar – aside from the recipe – is the packing process. Once your cupcakes have been baked to perfection, allow them to cool. Cut your cupcakes in half so that you have bottom pieces and top pieces. Put your bottom piece into your jar first. Using a piping bag to add a layer of your favorite buttercream. Next, put the top layer of the cupcake in the jar. Use your fingers to gently smash this piece into a flat, crumbly layer. Add another layer of buttercream and all your favorite toppings. For two or three cupcakes in a jar, continue this layering process until you have as many layers as your cupcake heart desires.

Sealing the Deal

Sealing your cupcake jars may be the toughest part of how to make cupcakes in a jar. But, don’t let it deter you! The easiest way to seal your jars for freshness is to put all the flat lids (not the rings, just the lids) into a pot with water. Bring the pot to a boil and then turn it off. As soon as you finish decorating your cupcakes, use a pair of tongs to pull out one of the flat lids. Quickly pat it dry and then pop it on your jar and seal with the ring. As the lid cools, you may hear a soft ‘pop,’ which is the sound of the jars sealing.

Once your cupcakes in a jar are sealed, they will last for a few days at room temperature. To enjoy your cupcake creation, later on, put them in the refrigerator or freezer. Refrigerated cupcakes in a jar will last for a week and frozen cupcakes up to 6 months!

We hope you love cupcakes in a jar just as much as we do! And, remember, Sunflour Baking Company is here for all of your baking needs.