The Top 5 Breads for Breakfast Sandwiches

The Top 5 Breads for Breakfast Sandwiches

The breakfast sandwich is a work of art; a perfect stack of warm protein, buttery crust, and a subtle combination of breakfast flavors to get you out of bed in the morning. Of course, there are hundreds of ways to make a breakfast sandwich. You can make it with egg or ham, with avocado or potato. You can slice thin tomatoes onto it or melt smoky cheese into the center.

Of course, the first step to any alluring breakfast sandwich is the bread. Everyone has their own special preference for their breakfast sandwich bread. That warm, delicious hand-friendly outer layer provides the carbohydrates and fiber you need to get started in the morning, powered by the protein and delicious mix of flavors inside.

What are the best breakfast sandwich breads? We have a few favorites that will make your mouth water.


Buttery Croissants

Croissants are breakfast perfection. Beautiful flaky layers of fluffy bread and buttery delight, Sunflour Baking Company makes legendary croissants fresh by hand, every morning. You will adore the rich breakfast flavor of our fermented dough and European-style butter worked into every one of the 162 doughy layers.

As a breakfast sandwich bread, croissants are delicately cut in half along the widest edge and delectable breakfast ingredients are layered and melted into the warm croissant. When you bite in, the croissant will collapse in a delicious buttery puff as your mouth delights in the ham, cheese, and/or vegetables melting inside. This is also one of the easiest bread recipes to try at home.


Warm Bagels

The exact sensational opposite of a croissant breakfast sandwich is the bagel sandwich. A bagel is made of dense, boiled dough to provide that caloric punch you need in the morning for energy and focus. Bagel sandwiches are durable and can handle some real layers if you like to stack them high. Bagels are also the perfect conveyor for heavy breakfast condiments like cream cheese or blended avocado. Bagels also come in a great variety of composition and flavor making them the perfect breakfast bread to go. Some have herbs and seeds kneaded into the dough, others are topped with a crispy layer of asiago cheese, and all of them make a great delicious bread and a favorite breakfast bread.


Flaky Biscuits

Biscuits are a breakfast sandwich classic. A crumbly, cheesy biscuit makes a deliciously savory sandwich packed with the energy that every morning requires. Every day, millions of breakfast biscuit sandwiches are sold all over the world, and Sunflour Baking Company is proud to be a part of that with our handmade cheddar biscuit sandwiches every morning for the breakfast crowd. If you love a cheddar biscuit or a breakfast sandwich, you're sure to love the combination. Some people will also create their biscuits using sweet potatoes which add a delicious flavor to it.


Panini Artisan Breads

If you've never had a breakfast panini from hand-kneaded artisanal bread, you just haven't lived. The rich flavor of natural ingredients fresh from the oven simply cannot compare to the plastic-packaged loaves at the grocery store. Enjoy a beautiful, hand-cut pair of slices from Sunflour Baking Company's own handmade sourdough, rosemary sourdough, or whole grain loaves for an unforgettable breakfast sandwich. You can also make your own with the use of a bread machine or one of the many recipes for them.


Toasted English Muffins

Of course, if you're craving a breakfast sandwich that inspires nostalgia and delights your adult tastebuds together, try a toasted English Muffin breakfast sandwich. Layered with delicious, egg, cheese, and your choice of meats and veggies, an English muffin somehow perfectly completes your breakfast craving. As you may know, something special happens when you toast an English muffin or even use the bread cool. It achieves a perfect crispness on the outside and soft, warm chewiness on the inside that has you unable to stop until the whole breakfast sandwich is gone.


Choosing the right bread for your breakfast sandwich is also choosing how you will power your body for the rest of the morning. Each of our favorite breakfast sandwich breads has its own weight, flavor, texture, and a beautiful way they blend with the warm, gooey contents inside. We especially love English Muffin breakfast sandwiches, but there's no denying the appeal of a flaky croissant breakfast sandwich or the delightful flavor of artisanal breads. Discover (or rediscover!) your favorite breakfast sandwich breads at home or at Sunflour Baking Company if you're on the go.

Ready to get energized with an amazing breakfast sandwich? Swing by one of our Sunflour Baking Company locations for an amazing morning vibe and a truly delicious breakfast experience. Or you can contact us to learn about breakfast sandwich catering for an upcoming brunch event!

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