About Us

we are locally owned and operated. made from scratch, just like our products!

The Sunflour Baking Company Story

At Sunflour we make everything from scratch and in small batches to ensure freshness and authenticity. We support local vendors wherever we can and all of our creations are handmade onsite from basic raw materials; no mixes, shortcuts or pre-made anything here! Sunflour has been serving Charlotte from our original location in Elizabeth since 2009, in Dilworth since 2016, and in Harrisburg and Ballantyne since 2017. The Parrish family has owned the bakery since 2014 and embraces a love of baking, a passion for excellent service and a keen interest in contributing to the local community. Our team, both veteran and newly arrived, share these values and consistently strive to make our guests’ experience both delightful and memorable. We hope you’ll agree!

When are you open?

We are open every day 7am to 4pm.

Do you offer shipping or delivery?

Yes! We ship select bakery goods nationwide and offer local delivery right from our website. We also offer Catering services.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes we do! Gift cards may be purchased and used in our stores. Old school paper only!

When do you stop serving breakfast?

We don’t! You can get breakfast all day long, no judging.

Do you offer gluten-free or vegan options?

Yes we do! We regularly stock vegan cookies, muffins, bread and other treats. Gluten free items regularly in stock include cheesecakes, chocolate soufflé cakes, coconut macaroons and other options. Please note: while these items are made without gluten, our bakeries are NOT gluten free facilities so trace levels of gluten are possible.

Are your products organic?

Some items, such as the coffees and teas, are strictly organic. Most bakery items are not. However, everything is made from scratch, from all natural ingredients. We don’t use any artificial flavorings, preservatives, dough conditioners, bleached or bromated flour.

Do you make custom cakes?

Absolutely! We make cakes for weddings, birthdays, graduations and celebrations of all kinds. We make layer cakes, but not “tiered” cakes (different size layers). We also make and ship custom packs of Cake Jars.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

We require 48 hours after having confirmed your request to prepare your order.

Do you offer day-old bread or pastries?

Yes we do, but we also don’t want to see anyone go hungry. At the end of each day, some of our unsold baked goods are packed up and given to the Salvation Army and other charities who provide food for individuals and families in crisis.

Where is my favorite pastry today?

Some items are seasonal and are not available year round. Also, to ensure freshness we follow a small batch process so some items may temporarily sell out during the day. Please call ahead to reserve your favorite item if you absolutely cannot do without!

Is Sunflour a franchise or chain?

No. We are a local, family owned bakery with multiple locations in the Charlotte area. Everything is made fresh onsite and our staff rotate between stores to ensure consistency of products and service.

Are you hiring?

We are always interested in qualified candidates for any position. Please submit your resume here.