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events & corporate gatherings

Organizing an office luncheon? Having a party with friends? Sunflour offers “remote” catering of your event. If you can pick it up, we can make it. Call or email us to discuss details of your celebration and how we can work with you to make it extra special. Please feel free to check out our menu tab for all of our a-la-carte items.

Breakast Catering with Delivery and Setup
Lunch Catering and Event Catering

weddings & large parties

Getting ready to tie the knot with your special someone? We specialize in a wide variety of cake flavors and combinations to delight your guests. Add cupcakes to the mix and let everyone choose their own cake. We even have cocktail-themed cupcakes for receptions. Contact us early to secure a date.

order catering online or contact us for custom orders

Interested in catering for your next event? Order quick online to select from our preset catering menu. If you need a custom order or just have questions, please contact the store in question by phone OR fill out our online catering form.  

Browse Our Catering Menu Below

Catering Options

Small Gatherings serve 8-12 | Large Gatherings serve 30-40

Breakfast Platters

Chef selection of mini muffins, scones, croissants, biscuits, coffee cake slices, cinnamon rolls, and breakfast bars (about 2.5 mini pastries per person)

  • Small Gathering Platters $70
  • Large Gathering Platters $200

A La carte breakfast items

  • Mini Vegan Muffin$2.50
  • Mini Chocolate Croissants $2.75
  • Mini Cheddar Biscuit $2.50
  • Mini Almond Croissants $2.75
  • Mini Scones $2.50
  • Mini VGF Scones $2.85
  • Mini Morning Glory Muffins $2.50
  • Mini Blueberry Muffins $2.50

Seasonal Fruit Platters

  • Small Gathering Fruit Platter $40
  • Large Gathering Fruit Platter $90

Snack Platters

To include a chef selection of snack bars, seed bars, granola bars, whole fruit, cookies and brownies

  • Small Gathering $40
  • Large Gathering $90


  • To-Go Coffee, Regular or Decaf $25.00

Serves 9 (10 oz each) cups, milk, and sugar provided

Lunch Options

  • Small Gathering Platter $50
    Assortment of 14 half sandwiches
  • Large Gathering Platter $160
    Assortment of 45 half sandwiches
  • Boxed Lunches $12 each
    Choice of any whole sandwich
    Choice of chips or fruit
    Choice of any regular cookie

Cold Deli Sandwich Options

  • Ham and cheddar
  • Turkey and provolone
  • TAB
  • Club
  • Egg Salad
  • Tuna Deli

Mustard and mayo provided on side upon request

(Drinks not included)

Dessert Platters

Chef selection of cupcakes, mini lemon/ lime bars, French/ coconut macaroons, cream puffs, cookies, brownies, tarts
(about 2.5 mini desserts per person)

  • Small Gathering Platters $70
  • Large Gathering Platters $200

Delivery available at certain times, depending on circumstances.

A La Carte Pastries

Mini Cupcakes$1.75
  • Mini Vegan brownie/ cupcake $2.00
  • Mini Lemon Bars $1.75
  • Mini Coconut Macaroons $1.75
  • Mini Brownies $1.75
  • Mini Cream Puffs $1.75
  • Mini Citron Pies $1.75
  • Mini Assorted Cookies $1.75
  • Mini Assorted Tart $1.75
  • Mini French Macarons $1.75

Prices are per pastry.
Minimum order of 6 breakfast items or 12 pastries


  • To-Go Coffee: Regular or Decaf $25
    Serves 9 (10 oz each) cups, milk, and sugar provided
  • Assorted San Pellegrino $2.25
  • Water, Juices, Coke, and Diet Coke $2
  • Water, Juices, Coke, and Diet Coke $2
  • Iced Tea Gallon $8
  • Lemonade Gallon $10
  • Seasonal Gallon Drink $12

Delivery Fee Chart

The delivery minimum is $100.

Not all orders are able to be delivered.

  • Within 8 miles $20
  • Beyond 8 miles To be determined
  • Set-up Fee $20

Wedding prices may vary.

*Please be mindful of other store locations for further distances*