Reviews of our Cupcakes in a Jar

“I ordered these for a friend about a month ago and they were a huge hit! It’s going to become my go-to gift!”

Kathy in Charlotte, NC

“I sent my sister your cupcake jars as a surprise birthday present and she was very pleased!”

Lee in Charlotte, NC

“Thanks again for taking such care in sending the gift card and cake jars to our customers in Virginia, they were so happy! I’ll definitely be ordering again.”

Sophia in Tampa, FL

“Your cupcakes in jars really cheered up my brother when he was in the hospital last month. I wish we could go to your bakery in person!”

Abigail in Albemarle, VA

This place has the best cupcakes in Charlotte! I stop in frequently just to pick up a cupcake. They are big and delicious. My favorites are the blondie and the red velvet. They also have excellent coffee.

lindaeluv, Charlotte, North Carolina

Love this place! I had the vegan whole wheat raspberry muffin for breakfast and picked up the key lime pie for my hubby for dessert. Excellent!


Reviews of our Local Bakeries

Love this place! I had the vegan whole wheat raspberry muffin for breakfast and picked up the key lime pie for my hubby for dessert. Excellent!


Their food and service is really a notch above. And I need to specifically call out their Morning Glory Muffin. Best muffin on the planet and I’ve had my share of muffins all over the planet! The people who concocted this muffin should be in charge of the Mars mission.


Their food and service is really a notch above. And I need to specifically call out their Morning Glory Muffin. Best muffin on the planet and I’ve had my share of muffins all over the planet!

Accelerance Charlotte, North Carolina

The best coffee in Charlotte! Good place for hangout with friend! Resetting a heavy day! Just take a break here! Food very tasty!

camachoalex, Nc

Breakfast, Brunch, or delicious cupcakes for a birthday surprise this place has it ALL! Their quiche and croissants are delicious and my husband loves their pecan maple scones.

Funfamilyofour Charlotte, North Carolina

I stopped in on a whim and now can’t stop thinking about the breakfast biscuit (served all day). It was outstanding and huge. I made myself stop 3/4 of the way through before I burst.

Ming1145 The South

This place is always busy and for good reason. We’ve had muffins there- great. What we like most is a breakfast sandwich with the cheese biscuit. The cheese biscuit is so good that we can eat them plain.

Reitz37, Charlotte

Great food, also amazing customer service. I got a breakfast sandwich, the avocado melt panini it was great the owner is super sweet and the pastries are so Good. I will come often. Totally love it.

Aye E

the moment you walk in you feel the most wonderful joy in the air. Customers adoring the finds on their plates, those in line savoring what choice to make. THE STAFF IS THE MOST POLITE AND very concerned with your needs.

BachelorNumber1 St. Augustine, Florida

Love every pastry, sandwich we’ve ever had–my only issue is with their iced tea–too bland, so pass on that but order everything else. πŸ™‚

LoveSC2, South Carolina

Best iced coffee in Charlotte, with the best employees to boot! When you have a choice of 5 places to eat in 2 blocks, don’t be distracted, head for the Sunflour Baking Company.

Linda O, West Chester, Pennsylvania

the food is fresh and the service is friendly . Everything we ate there-from coffee to take away oatmeal cookies and delicious bread-was first rate and well priced

Theresa D, Perth, Australia

A wonderful atmosphere meets you as you enter Sunflour with an excellent display of amazing cupcakes, cookies and scones. My favorite cookie is the Fleur de sel dark chocolate cookie.

Tess C, Charlotte, North Carolina

A business associate suggested this place for a business lunch. I don’t live nearby which is a good thing for me cause I would be here twice a week if I did. They have everything. Hot sandwiches, chai, loose tea, specialty coffees, fresh bread and great desserts.

Talonrock, Charlotte, North Carolina

Spent a morning here while in Charlotte for a trip. Had a large enough breakfast to carry allow us to do without lunch. The chocolate croissant was one of the best I’ve ever had and I try chocolate croissants everywhere I go! The breakfast sandwiches were great- bacon, egg and cheese on a cheesy biscuit and sourdough

kellynrk, Greenville, South Carolina

Great local bakery! Scones and muffins are awesome. Coffee is also really good. Perfect family hangout.


You have to love a place that makes you feel good just to walk in. Fresh local ingredients, helpful, friendly staff.

foodgal072 Mt. Airy

What’s not to love? French press coffee, great beer/wine selection, killer croissants and cupcakes?! I had one of everything at once, was only fitting.


The croissants are as good as any I have had in Europe. All of there baked items are made from scratch, including there bread. I highly recommend for breakfast, lunch or any baked item! 1

Dan B, Charlotte, North Carolina

Delicious, yet small. It was a spur of the moment stop for lunch and I’m glad I did. I had a portabella sandwich which was to die for!! I will be coming in again. Just plan ahead.

Janet S. Matthews, NC

Sunflour has been my little go-to the last three days with a fam member in the hospital. We all know you can’t get good food in those places! One has to venture out! So I ventured here.

Danielle L. Charlotte, NC

I’m going to give sunflower five stars because I don’t see a reason why not to. I’ve only been there once and split a breakfast sandwich with my wife. The food is really good and the service was fast and friendly as well.

Evan G. Charlotte, NC

Sunflour is where it’s at for breakfast. They have biscuits, croissants, sandwiches. You can get a BEC biscuit on one of their fantastic cheddar biscuits or croissants. They also have sweet items like their hazelnut croissant- it’s seriously so good. Every time I drive by my mouth waters thinking about their breakfast.

Amanda P. Matthews, NC

Such an adorable spot! I love that they’re just off central to avoid the craziness. Their pastries look seriously incredible – particularly the cinnamon rolls and almond croissants.

Maeve G. Charlotte, NC

I chose Sunflour after searching yelp for vegan dessert options in Charlotte. I was meeting a friend for coffee and thought it would be a great place to have options that fit both of our diets.

Brittanie H. Charlotte, NC

Before I swoon over this fantastic little neighborhood bakery, please notice the spelling of its name. It’s quite cleverly called SunFLOUR, not Sunflower, which can be a little confusing considering its logo and decor are accented with sunflowers.

Vince M. Charlotte, NC

Efficient & pleasant service. Smells like a bakery should. Great breads, pastries and breakfast, lunch & dinner selections.

Pablo G. Charlotte, NC

Oh man, everything about Sunflour is so delicious. If eating cupcakes was healthier, I would eat a cupcake for breakfast, lunch and dinner AND during all the snacks between those meals.

Sarah M. Charlotte, NC

What an awesome place! We love the cheddar biscuit sandwich – so much so that when they are out of it (which they often are by mid-day), I choose to go elsewhere. Their lattes are always good. Another item that is often sold out is the nutella pop tart.

Meleah S. Charlotte, NC

Yay! Finally got here. Been trying to get out here for a few weeks now! First off everything looked awesome! We got cheddar biscuits, vegan chocolate chip muffins and a key lime tarte.

Allison H. Pittsburgh, PA

This is a must stop place when we are in this area.. Breakfast and desserts are yummy.. Baked perfectly with required doses of ingredients.. Latte, espresso and hot chocolate are good as well.. Tired avocado melt sandwich and cheese melt with Rosemary and sourdough which melts in your mouth.

Avyaktha K. Charlotte, NC

Great little bakery! Happened by this place because of the construction going on in the road. I’m so glad I stopped in! Excellent friendly service and the red velvet cupcakes were to die for. Found my new favorite hideout!

Sarah T. Charlotte, NC

I heart this place! Who doesn’t love pastries, sandwiches and desserts? One thing that stands out to me is how big everything is. Now saying that, I feel the prices are a little high, but again everything is larger in size (my opinion) and everything is homemade.

Sarah T. Charlotte, NC

I heart this place! Who doesn’t love pastries, sandwiches and desserts? One thing that stands out to me is how big everything is. Now saying that, I feel the prices are a little high, but again everything is larger in size (my opinion) and everything is homemade.

Allyson D. Charlotte, NC

Cute little spot to drop in for a coffee or something sweet. Love the feel when I walked in very relaxing and friendly staff. I will be back!!!!

Shawn G. Concord, NC

Between the sandwiches and desserts I’m not sure which one I go in there for anymore. They are all incredible and every time I leave feeling great (and full) I try to figure out how I can get back there again in the near future.

Pete C. Charlotte, NC

First time here. Wasn’t sure what to get. Cashier helped a lot with blueberry croissant. Big bright windows. Nice seating area. Good energy. Great place to relax, read magazine, check Email, or Catch up with friends.

Planters V. Charlotte, NC

Food is great! I mean really good, I was in town for a short period so why would I eat the same place twice when there are so many options? Because it’s that damn good. I read some reviews about poor service, I didn’t see any of that. Even at 7 am when we all would rather be sleeping.

Stacy E. Traverse City, MI

If you’re a fan of quality sandwiches, you gotta try this!!! I was initially headed to a burger joint when i spotted Sunflour and remembered that it was featured on a WCCB Rising/Local Fare episode.

Ken K. Mooresville, NC

Best turkey sandwich I’ve eaten in LiFE! The Turkey Avocado bacon on Rosemary bread AMAZING! Will be back finally a favorite restaurant in Charlotte!

Gloria S. Charlotte, NC

A few GREAT vegan option here. Coffee with soy milk available too. One of my favorite go-to spots to get my sweets fix. Go earlier than later to insure vegan options are in stock. They go fast on the weekends! Friendly staff. Clean environment. Good location too.

Bret I. Huntersville, NC

Emailed them about s vegan carrot cake,they got right back to me communication was great cake was to die for very good quality for vegan cake! Thank you

Heather K. Huntersville, NC

A Sunflour WEDDING! This little bakery provided most of the dessert for our Charlotte celebration of a San Francisco wedding. With just one week to prepare, Kelly at Sunflour worked with me to create a “cookie buffet,” – which was one of the highlights of the celebration.

Cheryl N. Asheville, NC

Love this place! The lemon berry GF scones are amazing! (GF herb scones – not so much). Love the coffee bar selections as well.

Sarah A. Charlotte, NC

Such a great little spot to grab a quick breakfast on your way to work, or spend time chatting with a friend or loved one. Everything I’ve tried here I’ve liked. They have a good rewards program and I love that they have a shelf with a rotating display of local artist’s work.

Shannon M. Charlotte, NC

Went here this morning for the first time. It was crowded, so there was a bit of a wait for our food, but it was delicious. I got the breakfast sandwich with avocado, egg, and cheddar.

Jolie W. Charlotte, NC

Cute little place to spend some time. I stopped in to get cupcakes for my husbands birthday. Nice moist cake, yummy frosting. Definitely worth it. Will be back

Angelina F. Cabarrus County, NC

I love the coffee here! Also the sandwiches and baked goods are clearly made with such care. The anti Panera if you will. Homemade soups and breads. I love this place. great place to meet friends or read a book and have lunch alone.

Amber D. Charlotte, NC

Holy moly! How have I never been here before?! I came here last Saturday morning to grab a quick coffee and a bite to eat. As I get here, the line was out the door (always a good sign). I was super intrigued by all the different things I could order and really struggled to make up my mind.

Marco F. Charlotte, NC

A friend and I popped in one night and shared 4 desserts…yes 4. πŸ™‚ Everything had a yummy…give me more taste, and the staff was super friendly and helpful with descriptions of the items.

Liz H. Rock Hill, SC

My first visit was this week, on a weekday, and I already want to go back this weekend! Really good breakfast sandwich – egg and avocado on an awesome cheese biscuit. Great value, good coffee, cute place.

LA T. Charlotte, NC

One of my favorite places that opened up a few years ago. They offer wonderful delights such as various types of cupcakes, macaroons, mousses, cheesecake, muffins and cinnamon rolls.

Noel L. Charlotte, NC

I was in search to find a good place to get a cupcake. This place popped up. So I decided to give it a try, though I’ve passed by it a million times. By far the best cupcakes in the Queen City! Good flavors and great customer service.

Alexa G. Kernersville, NC

I love this coffee shop. They have really good coffee, breakfast sandwiches (Egg, bacon, cheese croissant and egg, ham, cheese croissant). The only thing they need to add to their menu is egg whites.

Ana C. Manhattan, NY

Just go there already. Stop reading this review and go. Get any of the cupcakes or the vegan banana chocolate chip muffin. YW

Nicole T. Charlotte, NC

Great spot. I live across the street and always have a great experience. Great fresh food. Tomato soup and grilled cheese was on point. Only complaint was that the soup was a little heavy on the Rosemary.

Steve K. Columbia, SC

Hands down the best bakery in Charlotte. I love their breakfast sandwiches and cupcakes. Hey, cupcakes for breakfast are ok, right? πŸ™‚ the peanut butter cup is the best!

Heather J. Charlotte, NC

If you want great coffee, breakfast or lunch sandwiches, and really great pastries/desserts, come here! The service is really fast and friendly. We love to come here in the morning for breakfast whether it’s eat-in or to-go.

Roni H. Charlotte, NC

Such a great little cafe and bakery! You absolutely can’t go here without trying the Macha Green Tea latte…. I don’t drink coffee, and generally I don’t drink tea, but this drink is amazing! They make it so creamy and delicious, it’s worth getting even on a hot day.

Michelle L. Charlotte, NC

Amazing pastries and coffee. My new spot when I am on that side of town.

Cassie H. Charlotte, NC

This is becoming one of my favorite breakfast spots. I love their egg, avocado, and cheese breakfast sandwich. Their cheddar biscuits and croissants are amazing. Brought a friend from France who said the croissants there were the best in Charlotte, so I trust his opinion!

Deni A. Charlotte, N