Beyond pumpkin spice: Turning the Season with Seasonal Goodies

Beyond pumpkin spice: Turning the Season with Seasonal Goodies

We're officially into September, which means autumn and spooky season are right around the corner! For many people, this means pumpkin spice everything. And while we can't fault anyone who loves the trend that's still going strong, there are so many other goodies that are perfect for this season. As you watch the leaves turn, feel the air become crisp, and plan for the year's end, there are plenty of seasonal goodies to consider, whether you'll welcome guests to your home or simply need to fill time indoors. Below are just a few ideas to get you started.

Appetizing Apples

Although pumpkin spice seemingly takes over the world every autumn, you're doing yourself a disservice if you overlook apples, including fresh apples. Of course, apple cider is wonderful to sip when the weather turns cool, but sparkling cider gives a unique flavor to pound cake, which you can top off with a classic glaze.

Unless someone tells you that apple zucchini bread contains zucchini, you'd never guess! It's delicious, and including zucchini makes this sweet treat far more healthy than it would otherwise be!

You don't need to peel and slice apples to make applesauce spice cupcakes. Thanks to the applesauce, these cupcakes remain ultra-moist. Spread a layer of cream cheese icing on top before handing them out to your guests (or keeping them all to yourself!).

Of course, you can't go wrong with an apple pie. Whether you opt for a traditional crust, Dutch or Swedish apple, it will be delicious and appreciated by all. A dollop of vanilla ice cream makes this dessert that much sweeter, too. Finally, apple pie cookies offer a modern take on a classic recipe if you want to try something new.

Perfect Pecans

For many people, especially those from the south, pecans are also a fall staple. They make delicious pies when everyone is gathered. If you want to save pecans for the holidays, you can try a pecan cake with cookie butter frosting or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

You probably have strong feelings about candied yams, whether you love them or hate them. But sweet potatoes are much more versatile than people give them credit for. Aside from baking them or putting them in pie, they're a crucial ingredient in sweet potato biscuits, which pair perfectly with honey butter. Sweet potato cobbler is also a traditional treat with a twist.

Maple and More

Maple dumplings might be one of the most unique goodies on this list! A thick maple sauce coats the tender dumplings, which are delicious when served warm. Best of all, this recipe is quick and easy to make, so you can spend more time enjoying the maple dumplings while surrounded by loved ones instead of working over a hot oven.

While pineapple upside-down cakes might rule the summer months, pear reigns supreme when fall rolls around. You've got plenty of options for a pear upside-down cake, ranging from keeping it simple to adding walnuts or making your own creme fraiche to top it all off. Not a fan of pears? An apple upside-down cake with walnuts is sure to be a hit, too.

Making the precise amount of pie crust you need takes a magic touch. Don't worry if you have any left over, however. You can easily use it up by making Canadian butter tarts. The recipe produces individual cups made from brown sugar and maple syrup that are reminiscent of pecan pie, but no one has to share!

Cranberry fans will also love the combination of pumpkin and cranberry bread pudding, which is a hearty treat when the temperatures drop. Speaking of winning combinations, you can't go with an apple cranberry oatmeal crumble, even with a bit of cream cheese filling. Oatmeal makes an easy-peasy crust with minimal effort.

And Finally, Pumpkin!

Did you think we were going to wrap this up without mentioning pumpkin? Of course not! If you're over pumpkin pie, you can try pumpkin spice cookies, pumpkin bread or pumpkin cinnamon rolls. A pumpkin spice pudding pie or cheesecake spice up your dessert, so it'll never go stale.

And if none of these recipes pique your interest or you don't have time to bake as the seasons change, Sunflour Baking Company has you covered. You can order many of our delicious products right to your door, and no one has to know.

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