Breakfast: Make It Huge, Make It Count

Breakfast: Make It Huge, Make It Count

We have heard for years about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why don't more of us treat it that way? It seems that breakfast is getting short-shifted a lot lately, particularly with the up-and-coming millennial generation. Did you know that nearly half of millennials say that they regularly skipped breakfast during the pandemic according to a article? This is devastating news given how many different options there are for breakfast, and how much flavor and fuel it can add to a person's day.

A Hearty Breakfast Can Make You Feel Whole Again

Perhaps one of the things that people forget about a wholesome breakfast, whether it is a quick breakfast, simple breakfast, or one of the healthy breakfasts, is just how good it can make your body feel. When you first wake up from sleep, your body has been without food for at least the period of time that you have been asleep. For most people, that is at least eight hours and often longer, given that most don't eat immediately before falling asleep. Thus, the human body is depleted of its energy source and nutrients when it first wakes up, and there is no question that it is time to have a morning meal.

Skipping breakfast is a choice many people make in the name of saving time, but it is a bad short-term decision that they are making. The extra few minutes that they save by skipping this meal will cost them later. Good Housekeeping reports on scientific studies showing that eating a strong and hearty breakfast is a great way to maintain proper blood sugar levels throughout the day:

A 2019 trial's results, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, illustrated that men who skipped breakfast had irregular glycemic responses throughout the rest of the day, and ultimately had a higher blood sugar average than those who ate breakfast. A balanced breakfast, with breakfast menu items such as French Toast, wheat toast, almond butter, or other healthy foods may help keep blood sugar levels steady, which can impact energy and focus throughout the day.

Besides being good for your health, breakfast also just tastes good! Think about the variety of foods that fall under the breakfast category that you know and love. The food item list of eggs, bacon, pancakes, coffee, grits, hashbrowns, sausage, and more. We could go on, but our mouths are watering too much just thinking about the choices! Thus, if you want to start your day off right, you need to start it with breakfast.

A Bountiful Breakfast Is The Best Breakfast

The Sunflour Bakery specializes in everything that has to do with breakfast. From the moment you walk in their doors, the aromas of a healthy and delicious breakfast will hit you and take over your senses. Expect a shot of happiness to hit your brain as the smell of their freshly ground coffee hits your nostrils.

While you are there, you should be sure to check out their selection of bakery treats and cakes. They currently have some customizable cupcakes that are very popular for any occasion. If you are feeling like having something a little less sugary, you might want to try some of their tasty biscuits or some delicious muffins.

Although you can definitely enjoy all of the breakfast foods that you might want to at the Sunflour Bakery, you should also understand that you can choose to make breakfast a priority in your own home as well. They sell plenty of ingredients right there in the shop to help you start whipping up some delicious breakfast options in the comfort of your own home whenever you like. They want people to once again understand the value of a good breakfast, and this means offering them the opportunity to rekindle their love of breakfast itself.

When you do make your own breakfast again, make sure you make it in large portions and make a variety of foods. Yes, it will take you a little longer to make bacon, eggs, and toast than it would to just pour a bowl of cereal, but it will also help you appreciate the meal that much more.

Finally, don't forget how great breakfast can be from a social media point of view! You don't have to be an Instagram influencer to have the desire for pictures of your breakfast to garner a lot of likes. This only happens when you make a breakfast that is bountiful and contains variety. No one is going to like a picture of a bowl of cereal, but they may love a picture of a well-curated breakfast. Think of that as you stack your cart high with the ingredients you need to make the best meal of the day special again.

If you would like to know more about how you can transform you breakfast experience, please contact us for suggestions.

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