Decadent Christmas Breakfasts, Desserts, and Treats

Decadent Christmas Breakfasts, Desserts, and Treats

Nothing beats that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you wake up on Christmas morning. The joy and anticipation of finding presents under the tree and the warm Christmas breakfast that you look forward to having. Whether it's your tradition first to open the gifts before breakfast, the first meal of this auspicious day must be proper and decadent. It should be rich enough to fill you up before your main meals as you partake in all the fun activities of the day. Here are some decadent Christmas breakfasts that you can prepare for the family.

Delicious Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Morning

Most of us don't enjoy spending the whole Christmas morning in the kitchen trying to whip up an award-winning breakfast for our loved ones. We'd rather spend that time bonding by the Christmas tree. With this in mind, here are quick and easy-to-make breakfast recipes or a holiday brunch that you can even prep ahead. Whether you decide to cook for a crowd or an intimate family setting, these decadent breakfast ideas will make your Christmas morning magical.

  • Spiced Bread- This is a festive bread with rich spices like cinnamon and cardamom that you can make ahead and keep frozen for Christmas breakfast.
  • Gingerbread Pancakes- these are the ultimate Christmas breakfast treat. They are spiced with ginger and cinnamon; they make a decadent breakfast option; top with maple syrup and dried fruits like sultanas and dates.

  • Rudolph-Shaped Pancakes- nothing says Christmas better than pancakes shaped like the famous red-nosed reindeer.
  • Parsnip Hash browns- these crispy starchy, and addictive treats are ideal for a Christmas breakfast/ brunch. You can make them ahead; the night before, then freeze them for the next day.
  • Mincemeat Banana Bread- what says decadent better than the all-time favorite banana bread with a twist?
  • Brioche- this tasty treat accompanied with jam/ butter is the perfect pastry on your Christmas table in the morning.

Sweet Treats and Desserts for Christmas

A rich Christmas meal is not complete without sweet desserts and treats that make the day delightful and merry. From show-stopping cakes, gingerbread houses, decadent cookies, candies, and even a Yule log cake. Whether store-bought or home-made, nothing beats a festive finish to a filling Christmas dinner. It will surely get everyone revved up for a night of festivities. Here are ideas for sweet treats and desserts to get for the holidays.

  • Holly Cupcakes- nothing says Christmas better than chocolate cupcakes decorated with tuile holly cookies and candied cranberries. These cupcakes are the perfect holiday treat.
  • Chai Tree and Snowflake Cookies- shape your spicy (cardamom and ginger) cookie dough into your favorite Christmas shapes and bake away.
  • Chocolate-Dipped Madeleines- this is an easy treat you can make in less than 30 minutes. Get store-bought madeleines, dip them in melted chocolate, and then sprinkle them with dried, candied fruits and nuts.
  • Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough Gingerbread House- a gingerbread house is a must holiday treat and edible Christmas craft that you can snack on all season long. Crafting one with a mouth-watering peppermint cookie dough will get everyone's taste buds singing.
  • Reindeer Profiteroles- how about some rich cream-filled puffs that Santa would approve of?

You've trimmed your tree, decorated the house, and even hung up your stockings by the fireplace. All that's left now is to sweeten up this festive season with decadent desserts and treats. If you feel overwhelmed with all the preparations ahead, you could order the tasty treats and desserts from Sunflour Baking Company.

Sweet Treats to Gift Loved Ones this Christmas

We have a wide range of delicacies to satisfy you and your loved ones throughout this festive season. Here are pastries and sweet treats you can order from our shops:

Decadent Pies

  • Sunflour apple.
  • Salted caramel brownies.
  • Bourbon pecan.
  • Vanilla bean cheesecake.
  • Spiced pumpkin.

Cakes and Cupcakes

  • Black forest with cherry filling, vanilla frosting or chocolate ganache.
  • Signature red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.
  • Chocolate peppermint cake.


  • Sprinkle sugar cookie dough filled with holiday sprinkles.
  • VGF chocolate chunk cookie dough.
  • Gingerbread people kit. A fully baked gingerbread with red, green and white frosting and assorted holiday sprinkles.

Contact us for any orders, from delicious breakfast sandwiches and exquisite desserts like pies and cakes to decadent pastries.

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