Sunflour Baking Company: Expectations vs Reality

Sunflour Baking Company: Expectations vs Reality

If you've heard talk about Sunflour Baking Company, we're not surprised. What started as a family-run bakery in Charlotte, NC now has four locations and a thriving online fanbase. We're famous for incredible breakfast croissants and stacking cupcakes in jars. With such big personalities, it's hard to think you haven't heard a few things about our incredible catering menu or majestic wedding cakes. But what should you really expect when you call or come into one of our bakery locations?

We're here to clear up a few myths and realities about what our customers will get with Sunflour.


Myth #1: "Coffee is the Same All Over"

We know that there's a Starbucks on every corner and any donut shop can sell you a cup of coffee. Maybe you've given up hope that you can get a great breakfast muffin and an exquisite cup of coffee in the same place. But here at Sunflour, we have a house blend you won't find anywhere else.

Sunflour Baking Company proudly serves organic coffee from a local specialty roaster right here in Charlotte, NC. Pure Intentions has crafted an exclusive bean mix sourced from Central and South America for our Sunflour House Blend. Enjoy monthly rotating single-origin coffees from around the world along with exclusive blends for our Espresso and Cold Brews.


Myth #2: "You Can't Order Cake in a Jar"

Cake; it comes on a platter or plate, right? Sometimes you order it in a box? Not anymore! Sunflour bakery is now the proud owner of a booming online business for shippable cupcakes in jars. Mason jars make excellent sealed storage for those delicious layers of fluffy cake and creamy icing. It freezes well, it can be eaten with a spoon, and it's the perfect pick-me-up for yourself or a loved one away from home.

So you absolutely can order cake in a jar, in several amazing flavors like caramel chocolate, birthday cake, carrot cake, and key lime. And it's pretty darn good if we do say so, ourselves.


Myth #3: "It's a Bakery, Not a Restaurant"

It's a bakery, a restaurant, and a catering kitchen all in one! This actually isn't unusual for local bakeries. We proudly serve breakfast and lunch in the form of tasty sandwiches and wraps and breakfast muffins. We even have a vegan menu! We serve meals right alongside the displays of gorgeous cakes, pies, scones, cupcakes, pastries, cookies, and other delightful confections that make bakeries awesome.

You can come here and order ala-carte or make a special order from the bakery for a craving or an upcoming event.



Myth #4: "Bakery Catering Only Includes Sweets"

Many people get the false impression that to cater an event with a bakery, they need a second caterer for the meal. That just isn't so! With Sunflour Baking Co, we cater delicious breakfasts and lunches with a complete selection of both savory protein-rich and sweet icing-covered menu items.

Our breakfast platters have the scones and muffins you'd expect, but also include cheddar biscuits, fruit-and-nut muffins, and breakfast bars. The lunch menu features platters of tasty sandwiches including ham, turkey, TAV, egg salad, and club. Not to mention our spectacular dessert platters and event cakes.


Myth #5: "The Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches are Made of Magic and Dreams"

Oh, so you've heard about the croissants. They're not magic, they're made of flour and butter, just like normal croissants. What's different is our European-style butter, our three-day fermented croissant dough, and 162 exquisite layers of delicate buttery nirvana. Once each perfect batch of croissants comes out of the oven, we put them on sandwiches; cover them in chocolate, or stuff them with fruit. Any way you bit into it, the light, airy layers will certainly make you think they're made of magic and dreams. But that's still just butter and dough, we promise.


Myth #6: "Vegan and Gluten-Free is Too Much Trouble"

Not at all! Here at Sunflour, we have specialty selections for both vegan and gluten-free confections. We make vegan and gluten-free options for muffins, cookies, and cakes. Vegan cake flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and banana. We also make an excellent chocolate almond gluten-free cake. Our bakers and confectioners can easily adapt an order for the needs of your party.


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