5 Father’s Day Gifts For Dad With Sweet Tooth

5 Father’s Day Gifts For Dad With Sweet Tooth

Father's Day is fast approaching, so it's time to shop for Dad if you haven't picked out his gift yet, especially if you have to ship it. Fathers can be tough to shop for the perfect gift if they claim they want nothing or have it all, but you don't need to stress about picking a gift that will make your dad--or husband--smile this Father's Day if he has a sweet tooth and you give him one (or more) of the gift ideas below!

Cake Jars

Cake jars, especially those from Sunflour Baking Company, make a great gift and should be on everyone's gift guide. You can mix and match to give Dad a chance to try out multiple flavors or stick to his favorite flavor. Pick from classic flavors such as birthday, carrot, German chocolate, key lime, or peanut butter chocolate. Black and white, caramel chocolate, or triple combinations are also winning combinations that make a great gift for dads, as well as go in gift baskets.

These cake jars are elevated from a treat to an experience thanks to the glass jars they're layered in before being topped with delicious buttercream frosting. Plus, the jars can easily be used to clean up the junk drawer, tool bench, or craft room. In fact, someone else might want to borrow them for their own use.


Brownies are a tasty treat all year round, but Sunflour Baking Company's Brawny Brownies are some of the best. They're made from scratch and come in two flavors: chocolate chunk or walnut. The man of the house can enjoy them with a cup of coffee, favorite beer, craft beer or while relaxing in front of the television in the evening.

Because you can ship these brownies, you can provide Dad with a homemade dessert no matter how far apart you might be this Father's Day. And because they're a gift for him, your dad has an excuse not to share with anyone!

Sourdough English Muffins

If Dad only has somewhat of a sweet tooth, become hs favorite child with English muffins that are sure to sate his craving. Our English muffins don't skimp. The sourdough recipe produces thick and tangy muffins that are made daily!

Your dad can enjoy them with his favorite spread when he wants sweet or simply to eat them warm with a dollop of butter when it's salty he prefers. English muffins are a great complement to morning coffee but can also serve as an after-work snack or even be used to make sandwiches or tuna melts.


Is your old man a coffee lover? Then, you've got plenty of choices for unique and sweet gifts for Dad.

  • Coffee Beanery sells several small-batch, artisanal coffees that come as whole beans or in various grinds: Vermont Maple, German Chocolate, and English Toffee and Cream are just three options.
  • Ethical Bean Coffee's Sweet Espresso is a medium dark roast with just a hint of sweetness--available as beans and ground. Hazelnut and caramelized sugar make their Mellow blend a good option, too, while your dad or husband might prefer Superdark if he likes French roast.
  • If you're shopping for someone who likes a good cold brew, Bizzy Coffee makes a Smooth & Sweet medium roast recipe in bags, grounds, or beans.

Of course, you can also opt for a sweetened cream to top off Dad's favorite brew. Why not wow him with coffee and some baked goods? Not sure what type of gift he really would like, just get a gift card for him.

Printed Chocolate

What's a more unique gift than one printed with a heartwarming photo of you and your dad or your husband and kids? You can choose from smaller treats, each displaying a single photo, or opt for a pan of chocolates to showcase a larger picture. The larger pan is also great for sharing if your dad feels generous.

Of course, there are plenty of other ideas where these come from. There's no shortage of unique Father's Day gifts from ice cream machines that let you do it yourself to vintage candy gift boxes to a chef's torch. Hopefully, you've got some ideas about what you can get your father (or husband) for Father's Day. Remember that the best gifts reflect the recipient and not necessarily the giver, so keep Dad's tastes in mind when choosing something for him!

And if you want something from Sunflour Baking Company, don't wait to contact us. Make sure you order soon enough for Dad's present to arrive on time.

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