Top Six Jams And Jellies For English Muffins!

Top Six Jams And Jellies For English Muffins!

English muffins often come to mind when thinking of a quick delicious breakfast sandwiches or an afternoon snack, sometimes with peanut butter. The warm aroma of toasted bread with a cup water, hot coffee or tea can make the day extra special! When it comes to topping an English muffin, it can be difficult to decide which jam or jelly will make it just right. Here is our guide on jams and jellies that pair well with an English muffin. Read on to learn more!


When topping an English muffin, one of the first things that comes to mind is trying a delicious jam. Jams are made when whole fruit gets combined with sugar and honey or pectin to create a delightful fruit spread across that golden brown english muffin. This is to ensure that you get morsels of fruit in each bite. Here are the top three jams that pair well for this type of breakfast breads:

Blueberry Jam

This jam helps create a wonderful breakfast or dessert treat! It is usually made with simple ingredients, such as blueberries, sugar, and pectin. And it creates a delicious flavor on any english muffin breakfast sandwich. Depending on what type of blueberry jam you buy or if you decide to make it, this jam can provide a deep blueberry flavor with a light sweetness.

Wild Berry Jam

Another popular jam to try on an english muffin breakfast sandwich is wild berry jam. The most common types of berries used in wild berry jam are blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Other berries (not frozen berries) that can be in this jam are lingonberries, salmonberries, and/or blackberries. With an English muffin, this jam is quite popular and gives a pleasantly sweet taste that will be sure to delight as an afternoon snack or as a breakfast meal!

Christmas Jam

As the holiday season is here, what better time is there than to try Christmas jam! Christmas jam is made with a variety of seasonal fruits, such as cranberries, oranges, and/or strawberries. Spices are also added to give a festive flavor! This would be a wonderful treat on an english muffin breakfast sandwich for Christmas morning!


Another topping that adds a bolster of flavor to an English muffin is jelly. Similar to jam, jelly is different in that it doesn't contain large pieces of fruit; it provides a smooth, fruit topping by using a mixture of fruit juice, pectin, and sugar. The following are the top three jellies that go well with an English muffin:

Strawberry Jelly

Having strawberry jelly on an English muffin sampler is a classic way to enjoy this bread treat! Strawberry jam provides a delicious, smooth flavor without having to eat the small seeds that may come with strawberry jam or preserves. It is sure to delight both adults and children alike!

Blackberry Jelly

Another jelly that is a must when trying out different types of toppings for an English muffin is blackberry jam! This jam also provides a smooth topping with a subtly sweet effect! If you choose to make a jelly, this is an easy one to try! It is great with super-thick english muffins for breakfast or a midnight snack!

Apple Cinnamon Jelly

If you want a festive jelly for the holiday season, apple cinnamon jelly is the way to go! It is perfect for super-thick english muffins and is a wonderful addition for waking up on Christmas morning! It can provide a sweet and warm cinnamon flavor that is sure to be a hit!

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