6 Reasons to Order Your Next Celebration Cake

6 Reasons to Order Your Next Celebration Cake

The best and most beautiful way to celebrate a special day is with a celebration cake. From birthdays to farewell cakes, the customized style and delicious layers of a celebration cake can make any day special - event days where there's nothing to celebrate at all. A celebration cake usually has delicious icing-rich layers of moist cake and your personal choice of beautiful decoration to make the cake and the day truly feel special. No matter what you are celebrating, a festive and professionally decorated cake or festive cake layers may be exactly what you need.


What is a Celebration Cake?

There is no single way to decorate a specialty cake, each one is unique according to the celebration itself. Layer cakes can be customized to suit the mood and meaning behind your event. You can envision a masterpiece or talk to your baker generally about how you'd like your celebration cake to look. You can ask for a cartoon theme, covered with white chocolate and tree nuts or topped with delicate sugar flowers.  Your same-day cakes can be a scary Halloween theme or a festive birthday cake with sprinkles and sparklers.

It's not just the style of your celebration cake that matters, but your reasons for celebrating. Let's dive into our favorite reasons to order your next celebration cake:


Our Favorite Reasons for a Celebration Cake

1) Make Your Event Plans Complete

Any time you are planning a party, we ask "What about the cake?", and others will, too! No matter what kind of celebration you're planning for, a celebration cake is going to be the centerpiece of the evening's treats. A celebration cake is a beautiful icing-covered reward at the end of the night or spotlighted as the big cake-cutting event of the party. Order a cake that perfectly fits the mood and theme of your party and everyone will love to take a piece.

2) Show Someone You Care

Sometimes, a cake is the best way to show someone how much you care. Decorate your anniversary cake with a special memory made with chocolate chips, powdered sugar, or even Mickey Mouse. Send an apology or sympathy cake to someone you love who is having a hard time. Make sure your friend gets a birthday cake though they're away from home or say goodbye to a coworker leaving the team.

A cake is a great way to show your friendship or love for another person without actually having a mushy moment.

3)  Celebrate a Birthday in Style

Every birthday deserves to be celebrated with a cake. A celebration cake is the perfect fit for any birthday party, from your baby's first birthday to your great aunt's 100th centennial birthday. This is each birthday-person's one special day to have their choice of chocolate, almond layer cake, berry cake, or other cake flavor they like best and their favorite choice of icing decoration and theme. Whether that's Satin & Lace cake or Dora the Explorer cake for kids, the candles and sparklers say it all.

4) Bring the Most Beautiful Dessert to a Shared Event

Most of us share events with coworkers, family, and community where everyone brings a treat. Sometimes we call it pot-luck, sometimes it's group planning. But if you've been asked to bring a dessert, why go halfway? A celebration cake shows your friends, family, or coworkers that you care how much fun they have at your shared event. Plus, your cake will become a natural centerpiece and quite possibly the most beautiful dessert at your shared event, especially if you use rose petals and custom flavors. Everyone will delight in sharing a piece.

5) Toast a Personal Special Occasion

Sometimes, you experience an event in life worth celebrating that doesn't fit the usual holiday schedule. It's not your birthday or Christmas, but something special happened. Did you just get a new job? Did you earn a certification or ace an exam? Maybe you're toasting the end of a life phase or the beginning of a new adventure. Whatever your reason, a personal celebration is worthy of a celebration cake to commemorate the occasion. You can get your own personal rocky road cake or a cake with layers of vanilla cake on a cake form.

6) Send Your Feelings in a Cake

Finally, you can send your feelings to someone distant with a celebration cake. Let someone special know you're thinking of them, that you remember special days, and that they still matter to you. The trick is to call a bakery local to your friend so they can make and deliver the cake nearby. A surprise celebration cake is often the perfect way to tell someone that you want them to be happy on a day that you can't spend together - but wish you could. Try getting them a celebration cherry ice cream cake, chiffon cake, chocolate drip cake, or cake with coffee caramel for your celebration cake for delivery.


When is your next celebration? Let us help you bring the perfect cake for any occasion. Celebrate birthdays, new jobs, old friends, and anniversaries. A celebration cake is the perfect way to enjoy any occasion that has a special meaning in your life. Contact us today to start planning your celebration's perfect cake.

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