Top 7 Reasons to Send a Special Gift to Someone

Top 7 Reasons to Send a Special Gift to Someone

Gifts have long been a symbolic gesture to foster good relationships, re-confirm or establish our connection with others and show love. It is a two-way traffic between the gift giver and the receiver of the generous gift.

In the process, it lifts our emotional spirits and improves our mental and physical growth no matter if it is a special occasion or simply a for fun activities.

But some reasons will make you gift someone more oftent with a thoughtful gift, practical gift or a simple gift basket. You might be wondering what they are and what type of gifts to offer your intended person.

This article has highlighted seven reasons why you should gift someone and what type of gift goes well with the occasion.


Here they are:


1. To Spread Love

In many instances, gift-giving shows love and devotion between two people. This is per the theory of "symbolic interactionism", which states that; individuals communicate through the use of symbols.

For example, men try to express their love and devotion to their partners by gifting them flowers that symbolize love with feelings of beauty. This is usually a very thoughtful gift.

It doesn't have to be relationships alone; you can spread the love with your friends, neighbors, or workmates too by these ideas:

  • Buying coffee or lunch for them
  • Sending them flowers
  • Gift Basket of cookies or muffins
  • Donating clothes and
  • Bringing goodies for your co-workers.



2. Building and Reinforcing Relationships

Giving a gift to someone we know or care about indicates our commitment to the relationship and the drive we have to reinforce the bond. It helps boost your relationship and trust to enable you to enjoy the emotional attachment you have.

You can use the following ideas for your gifts:

  • Offering your friend holiday tickets to a fantastic place
  • Gifting your friend a special gift with what they have desired for a long time
  • Buying a gift jewel to act as a souvenir to cement your relationship


3. Rewarding a Job Done Well

In a working environment, there are workmates you engage with every day. Some may be under your supervision or your fellow peers. You can show gratitude to them by surprising them with gifts for a job well done or after completing certain milestones of projects you are working on with your peers.

It doesn't necessarily have to be workmates alone; you can gift your closest people or friends for a job well accomplished.

Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Buying them equipment or building supplies that they will use to boost their productivity they've been asking for
  • Offering them a pay rise or promotion to boost their work morale


4. Show of Appreciation

This is another way of showing how you love someone. It doesn't have to be occasions such as birthdays or holidays. You can literally do this outside the scope of such occasions. By gifting someone this way, you are symbolizing how much they mean to you and are delighted to have them in your circle of life.

To come up with gift ideas, utilize the following tips:

  • Book them an extra special gift of self-care at the spa
  • Gifting them mugs with their names written for a memorable experience (placed in a gift basket)
  • Offer them gift hampers of fruits and chocolates (chocolate dipped strawberries) to sweeten the experience



5. To Celebrate Special Events

Special events happen in every phase of our lives. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentines, Christmas, Easter and so on. And all these events are accompanied by gifts to make the event unique and memorable.

If you want to make the recipient of your special gift happy, make your gift thoughtful and customizable by implementing the following tips:

  • Purchasing a bouquet of lovely flowers for them
  • Gifting them lovely shoes for those in a relationship
  • Purchasing them holiday tickets to fun places and hotels for a fantastic experience


6. To Surprise Someone

Well, this part is one of the best ways to enlighten the mood of the person you think of rewarding. It might be they are feeling sad or celebrating a birthday, you have wronged them and want to make things right. It may be simply because you want to send them a special gift because you're thinking of them. Whatever the situation, gifting them will boost their morale and make them smile.

Use the following tips to surprise them with a special gift.

  • Taking them for dinner to a fancy restaurant
  • Buying clothes and gift hampers for them




7. For No Reason at All

And lastly, you can gift someone for no reason at all. This gesture intends to put a smile on the recipient. It shows how caring of a person you are and others will appreciate more because of that.

It makes the gift receiver feel loved and that someone is thinking about them.

Surprise them by getting them the one thing they ever wished to have or taking them out for dinner at a nice place. This can also be a fun gag gift that you know they'll love, like fun socks.


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