Simone McDowell is On The Rail at Sunflour

Simone McDowell is On The Rail at Sunflour

It’s a new month and time to change the guard On The Rail… meet the latest artist to be featured at Sunflour Baking Company.

SM Creative is just one of the many ways Simone McDowell, a quintessential creative, expresses herself and when the mood strikes she enjoys pulling out the paintbrushes, acrylics and her imagination.

She loves to find time to paint and focuses on mixed media abstract work. Some words that come to mind when checking out McDowell’s pieces are colorful, fun and happy. The goal is to create an interesting piece that engages people and adds to any space.

McDowell’s artwork has graced the walls of HomeArama 2013 which features the latest in home design and decor and The Boulevard at Southend Boutique.

Simone’s work will be showing at Sunflour throughout the month of March… check it out!

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