Top Tips for Wedding Cake Tastings

Top Tips for Wedding Cake Tastings

Not all wedding planning tasks are fun, but wedding cake tasting to determine the flavors of cake you like and at times, finding a new delicious cake that is the perfect cake, is definitely one of the more enjoyable tasks. It can be overwhelming when tasting cakes. All of them are so delicious it is hard to pick just one. It's important to prepare in advance of your wedding cake tasting and it's also important to bring in your to-do list and list of questions to ask the baker. Below are our top tips for wedding cake tastings.

1. Set a Budget

Before you even set foot in a bakery for a wedding cake tasting, set a budget. Setting a budget ensures you won't go over it and the bakery will have you taste certain cakes that fit within that budget. Make sure the baker knows exactly what your budget is and stays within the limits. The baker will know if there will be extra time necessary to make your perfect cake, especially if it is a custom cake.  Don't forget to think about a complimentary cake for extra guests.

2. Research & Find Pictures of Cakes for Inspiration

You want to go into your cake tasting with a pretty clear idea of what you are looking for in a wedding cake or at least the types of cake you like and what frosting flavors you like. Do you want a tiered wedding cake? Do you want flowers or your wedding colors incorporated into your cake? What flavors are you gravitating to? Do you want any kind of filling in the cake? Do you want sugar flowers? How many people will be attending the wedding? Get very specific about what you want your wedding cake to look like. A great place to get started for inspiration is Pinterest. Be sure to bring in color swatches if you have any. There are thousands of wedding cake ideas. Another important tip is to make sure your significant other is on the same page as you when it comes to what you want in your wedding cake. 

3. Note Any Food Allergies Before Your Cake Tasting

You will want to check if any of your wedding guests have any food allergies. Make note of them and bring that list with you for your wedding cake tasting.

At the Tasting Appointment

Now it's time for fun! Your cake tasting appointment. Use this list to help you navigate through your cake tasting experience.

1. Don't Taste on an Empty Stomach

If you are starving, chances are everything you taste is going to be delicious. Have a snack or a light meal prior to your tasting.

2. Try all the Cake Elements Separately

Most bakeries will let you try each element of the cake separately so you can get a good feel for the flavors. If the bakery doesn't have the items separate, you can ask them to do so. Try the frosting, the cake itself, and any additions like fillings all by themselves. Once you find a wedding cake combo that you really love, ask the baker if you can try the elements all together to ensure you are getting the cake you really want.

3. Cleanse Your Palate Between Tastings

Your palate can get overloaded with all of the sweet goodness of the cake tasting. Have sips of water in between bites to cleanse your palate and ensure you are truly tasting the cakes.

4. Limit Your Testing Appointment

You don't want to show up to the tasting with an entourage. Truly, the only people that need to be at the cake tasting are you and your soon-to-be spouse. Having a lot of people at the tasting can not only be overwhelming to you, but also for the bakery. Too many opinions can leave you feeling confused. It's your wedding and you and your significant other should be making the choices.

5. Don't Do More Than One Tasting a Day

A great way to make yourself sick and be on cake overload is planning several cake tastings in one day. Book one appointment a day to ensure you are not overloading yourself with sweets. 

6. Take Detailed Notes

Take a lot of notes about what the baker says about their cakes. You will want to know things like how they will transport the cake to the wedding venue, how many people the cake will feed, and what their baking process is. Cake tasting day can be overwhelming, so taking good notes will help you remember everything that went on.

Cake tasting can be one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding, but it can also be very overwhelming. Use the tips above to prepare in advance for your cake tasting. It will help take the stress out of the day and help you to stay focused on what you want. Check out Sunflower for all of your wedding cake needs.

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