Cupcake Delivery

We deliver cupcakes nationwide on the date of your choosing. Use our easy online cupcake ordering wizard to place your order today. It’s the perfect gift or treat for your family or that special someone. We ship cupcakes in re-usable mason jars. Each jar contains two full cupcakes, layered cake and our delicious buttercream.

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Cupcake delivery nationwide

Send Cupcakes Nationwide

Our flagship product, Cupcakes in Jars, is available in many different flavors, looks and sizes. Each of our cupcakes in a jar contains 2 rich cupcakes in a mason jar ready to devour on the spot or relish over time. You can purchase cupcakes in 2 packs, 4 packs, or 6 packs. Our cupcakes keep for weeks, so do not ever worry about losing out on any of the flavor just because you decide to enjoy your cupcakes a bit more slowly or use them as a personalized gift.

Cupcake Delivery Options

We ship cupcakes with our shipping partner UPS. Simply by entering your zip code where you would like to send cupcakes to and our online shipping calendar will automatically calculate pricing options for any day you would like. Our four packs and six packs ship for free anywhere in the US!

How We Ship Cupcakes

Our cupcakes are made from scratch, and in small batches. First we make our delicious, moist cake layers. There are currently 12 flavors available like Peanut Butter Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Blondie, Key Lime Pie, and the popular Birthday Cake. Flavors come from both the cake and the homemade buttercream frosting that we layer in between.

In order to preserve freshness and presentation, we deliver our cupcakes in convenient mason jars. Each jar holds two full cupcakes. Bonus! Each jar is sealed air tight and beatifully labeled. It’s really the perfect gift. Beautiful, delicious, and re-cyclable. With our shipping partner UPS we are able to box and ship cupcakes fresh anywhere in the United States. Refer to our map below for times in transit.


Cupcake Delivery Times in Transit Map