Cupcake Gifts Make The Best Gifts

If you’re looking to send a beautiful dessert to someone special we have you covered!

Cupcakes are the perfect punch of dessert in a bite-sized (okay, two or three bite sized) little form factor. Indulge in dessert without regretting it in the morning (or the next time we step on the scale). And our cupcakes in a jar make an even better gift because they fit two whole cupcakes in one jar! Jars can be resealed and saved for later. They last up to 10 days with refrigeration, and can be in the freezer up to 6 months.

It’s no surprise that they are so loved! Cupcake gifts are better received than more traditional gifts like flowers. What is a better gift? The most beautiful flower arrangement or a red-velvet frosted cupcake baked with love, and beautifully layered in re-usable jars? We may be a bit biased!

Spoon. Napkin. Cupcakes. Check, check, check. Customize your pack today.