Graduation Cupcakes

The Ultimate Guide To Graduation Cupcakes

Here’s The Scoop On Graduation Cupcakes

Graduating from high school is much more than a ceremonial walk across a stage. It is an occasion that marks an important accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated with great pomp and splendor. Whatever event you end up organizing for your not-so-little one, we believe that the occasion can benefit from simple but creative graduation cupcakes.

The current cupcake mania shows no signs of slowing down and it is time you jumped on the bandwagon. However, you don’t want to spend all your preparation time baking when there are so many aspects of graduation parties to plan. Here are some ideas for your grad’s party that feature cupcakes front and center but don’t get you stuck in the kitchen.

School Pride

Along with a gown, the square graduation cap known as a mortarboard is one of the most recognizable images of graduation. Instead of serving plain store-bought treats, you can quickly spruce up pre-baked cupcakes by turning them into mortarboards. All you will need to turn plain cupcakes into an adorable graduation treat are a bag of chocolate squares, soft candy strips, and some M&Ms. If possible, pick candy in your grad’s school colors for an easy way to personalize your desserts. This quick trick is simple and yields eye-catching results without requiring any baking.

First, unwrap your chocolate. Ghirardelli squares work well, but most flat chocolate bars can be broken down to the appropriate size. Place the chocolate square on top of the pre-baked cupcake, using a few drops of melted chocolate or caramel to secure it if needed. Then, cut the candy strips into thin lengths to serve as the hat’s tassel. Attach one end of the tassel to the center of the chocolate, using chocolate or caramel, and top with an M&M as the center button. Voila – your edible mortarboard is complete!

If you don’t think you’ll have time to make the mortarboards or if you just want to stay out of the kitchen altogether, you can focus on paper decorations that will make your cupcakes stand out. Check out Etsy to gather ideas for wrappers, toothpicks, and other decorations. You can either buy them directly from Etsy creators or make them yourself with printable templates. If you make them yourself, you can customize them with your grad’s name or their school colors or logo. If you want to buy from Etsy and don’t mind spending a little more, you can purchase custom-printed edible designs made of sugar.

Parting Gifts for Guests

If you don´t want the cupcakes to take center stage and steal the spotlight from your child on his/her graduation party, you can easily place the cupcakes in gift baskets and give them as parting gifts for guests. The guests at your child´s graduation party will not only talk glowingly of your hospitality, but they will also be able to showcase exactly what you brought to the table. By gifting cupcakes in a gift basket, you will be able to strengthen and grow relationships with the attendees.

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