Wedding Cupcakes

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Cupcakes

Surely you aren´t oblivious to the surging popularity of cupcakes. They seem to have taken on a life of their own these days. There are many platforms dedicated to cupcakes these days, including TV shows, websites, and tutorial videos based on the handheld confections. Chic little shops that sell cupcakes seem to have popped up everywhere.

Are you about to get hitched soon? Are you in-charge of overseeing the wedding preparations? Would you like to impress the bride and groom with your impressive attention to details? If so, we would recommend you to add cupcakes to your wedding to-do list. If you truly want to select the best choices, you should prepare beforehand.

First, you will need to research cupcake recipes and select the ones you would like to test. Then, you should test the recipes and rate the results based on their flavors, moist level, and their capacity for being frozen and thawed. Only after doing these things will you be able to select the final recipe.

Cupcake Flavors & Types

There are a wide variety of cupcake flavors and types you can choose from for your very special day. However, there are a handful that we believe are more appropriate for wedding occasions.

If financial constraints prevent you from splurging on alcohol for your wedding, you need not be downbeat. After all, there are recipes for Guinness, whiskey and margarita cupcakes. Your guests can taste cupcakes that have been spiked with alcohol; even those who don´t like doing shots will be open to the idea of indulging in cupcakes fashioned after the popular cocktails.

Margarita cupcakes are generally vanilla cakes infused with tequila and lime, brushed with more tequila, and topped with a tequila lime buttercream frosting; they are incredibly easy to bake. Chances are that your favorite bakery already knows how to bake them.
If you like to stick to traditional flavors, you can tweak the recipe a bit. For instance, instead of only opting for dark chocolate cupcakes, you can add peanut butter frosting to the mix as well. Or you can simply add cream cheese frosting to your red velvet cupcakes.

If you want to bake your own cupcakes, you should have the following supplies: food coloring paste, edible glitter, tiered cupcake stands, cupcake trays, bakery boxes etc. Using these accessories will elevate your dessert table from a simple dessert to glamorous confection.

Unique Parting Gifts for Guests

Cupcakes may not necessarily have to be the highlight of your wedding; they can serve admirably as the supporting cast as well. If you just have to have the big, expensive cake, but you still want cupcakes in your wedding, you can always package them in tidy wrapping and give them to your attendees as unique parting gifts. Such a tasty treat will stand far above the typical mesh-wrapped Jordan almonds and picture frames engraved with the happy couple’s name. Your guests will be glad that you put some real thought into your wedding favors.

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