Be Different: 8 “Unique” Flavors For Your Next Batch of Cupcakes

Be Different: 8 “Unique” Flavors For Your Next Batch of Cupcakes

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50% of American adults say they watch cooking shows occasionally or more. And with companies like Netflix not disclosing their viewing figures, this percentage is likely even higher.

Cupcakes used to be simple. But people love them so much there are now enough unique cupcake flavors out there for a three-course meal.

From the sweet to literal savory, some of these cupcakes have taken the confectionery world to whole new heights.

Different Cupcake Flavors Go the Extra Mile

It seems like every month a new baking show appears on TV inspiring more people to pick up a whisk and try something new.

But some bakers go above and beyond to create new recipes to satisfy the tongues and tummies of people everywhere. These eight recipes below are sure to give you some ideas of your own.

1. Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Cupcake

The Girl Scouts on average sell 200 million cookies per year with some flavors dominating the demand from customers.

Normally, people are happy with sharing (or not) a box of these tasty treats and leave it at that. But one baker decided they wanted more out of their cookie and came up with this ingenious idea.

Taking a traditional vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting, they then sprinkled on toasted coconut and crumbled Samoa cookies on top.

And for extra decadence, they added a final drizzle of melted caramel.

2. Maple Pecan Cupcake with Actual Miniature Buttermilk Pancakes

Another case of someone unhappy with an already delicious meal.

Having the iconic American pancake breakfast with maple syrup is great. Having a cupcake for dessert after is even better. But a combination of the two? Welcome to the future.

These cupcakes are made to mimic the fluffy texture of a pancake and feature a pecan buttercream infused with maple syrup. But the recipe then takes it one step further and literally adds mini buttermilk pancakes on top complete with the syrup and cube of butter.

3. BLT Cupcake

We weren’t kidding when we said you could get a three-course meal out of these cupcakes.

Unlike some confections, this outrageous idea doesn’t go for simple imitation or fondant lookalikes. This cupcake includes a ranch frosting created to add a sweet spin to the dressing before adding real bacon with fresh sliced cherry tomatoes.

Why choose between an entree and dessert when you can have both?

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake

Of course, some people take their inspiration from Xzibit in Pimp My Ride and decide they want a dessert inside their dessert.

But with such a mouthwatering combination you can’t blame them for bringing this idea to life. To start, a moist chocolate cupcake is filled with sweet cookie dough which is then topped with a cookie dough frosting.

Then the frosting is topped with chocolate chips and an actual mini cookie dough cookie on top.

5. Hot Cocoa Cupcake

This recipe goes all out on the creativity and visual puns.

Not only does it consist of making a chocolate cupcake with a smooth layer of marshmallow buttercream on top. It’s also baked inside an actual cup and topped with warmed mini marshmallows.

It’s a cupcake in a cup that looks like a hot chocolate. If you like pranking your friends but are also an amazing human being then this is the way to do it.

6. Chicken and Waffle Cupcake

At this point in your day, you’ve eaten a pancake cupcake breakfast, munched on your BLT cupcake for lunch, so all that’s left is dinner.

The beauty of this recipe (both as a meal and as a cupcake) is that it provides a great excuse to have breakfast again for dinner. Somehow adding a chicken on top makes it seem a little bit more acceptable.

To take this buttermilk cupcake to the next level, the center is injected with warm maple syrup. Top it off with a maple syrup buttercream frosting and a chicken and waffle combo and you’re set for an unforgettable meal.

7. Neopolitan Ice Cream Cupcake

But who stops at the entree? Dessert comes next—and there’s always room for dessert.

This cupcake takes the classic ice cream combination and infuses it into every section. True to form, the sponge itself is three layers of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Then the buttercream that goes on top is, as you’d expect, three layers of the same flavors.

If that wasn’t enough ice cream realness for you then you should know that the whole thing is baked inside an ice cream cone.

8. Eggnog Cupcake

By now you’re probably thinking you couldn’t eat another bite.

That’s why we suggest you wash everything down with this eggnog cupcake. The fluffy sponge is flavored with traditional spices like cardamom, cinnamon and infused with eggnog itself. Then to tie it all together the cream cheese frosting is flavored with eggnog and cinnamon too.

Sure eggnog is normally a festive flavor. But real food enthusiasts eat whatever they like, whenever they want it.

Be Ambitious

It seems the way to come up with unique cupcake flavors is to just eat your favorite foods.

This article even proves you don’t even need to think of magical sugary substitutes to make it happen. If you like spaghetti and meatballs then make a savory sponge and add a mini version on top. If you’re obsessed with sushi then find ways to blend the same flavors in and serve it cold.

There are unlimited cupcake possibilities out there. Check out the twelve cupcake flavors we have available for purchase online.


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