Celebrate That Sweet Taste of Success

Celebrate That Sweet Taste of Success

The Olympics had everyone thinking of gold medals these past two weeks. But not everyone can ski down a slope at 90 mph or execute a flawless triple axel. Nonetheless, we all have something special to celebrate from time to time. Whether it’s landing a new job or buying your first home, we all have victories in our everyday lives. And what better way to celebrate them than with a delicious and indulgent treat of cupcakes? Here are just five reasons we think it’s time you celebrated yourself.

Finding a new job. After weeks or months of being on the job hunt, your nerves are frayed and you’re feeling exhausted. Maybe you’ve been dragging yourself through these last few weeks at work, waiting to get out of a job you hate. Or maybe you’re out of work at the moment, and you’re starting to feel a little panicky. But when you finally get that job offer, you want to shout for joy. Give yourself a pat on the back and splurge on some cupcakes. You deserve to treat yourself before you buckle down for some hard work at your new job.

Graduating from school. All those late nights and weekends spent working on class assignments have finally paid off: you’re graduating! While your friends were going to concerts or hitting the beach, you kept your nose to the grindstone and worked hard to do well in class. And now, whether you’re getting your college degree or receiving a license or a certification, you’ve done something you always wanted to do. Don’t wait for someone else to congratulate you. Congratulate yourself by indulging in a combination of your favorite cupcakes, just for you.

Buying a new house. Maybe you’re about to move out of your apartment and into your very first home. Or maybe you’ve finally saved enough to put a down payment on your retirement home at the beach. Either way, the moment the keys are in your hand is a moment like no other. You want to run through every room of the house with a huge grin on your face. Why not make your first meal in your new home memorable by ordering some celebratory cupcakes? They’ll taste even better as you sit in your new kitchen or living room to enjoy them.

Celebrating an anniversary. We all have anniversaries to look forward if we think about it. Have you been married for five years? Or you’re about to reach your 10-year anniversary at work? Maybe you haven’t touched a cigarette in months, or maybe this week marks the anniversary of when you ran your first marathon. These are all perfect reasons to reflect and celebrate with a personal cupcake treat.

Beating the odds. Have you ever been up against a challenge and you didn’t think you could make it? If you persevered, then you definitely deserve to reward yourself. Maybe you finally paid off your student loans or got out of debt. Perhaps you started your own business or decided to go back to school. No matter what, you stuck with it through thick and thin, and you finally accomplished what no one else thought you could. It’s time to take a break, put your feet up, and celebrate your achievement with some scrumptious cupcakes.

When it comes down to it, you know yourself better than anyone else, and you are truly the best person to reward yourself for victories large and small. So start by ordering your delectable cupcakes in a jar, and see where your next challenge takes you. We’ll be there with you every step of the way.

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