Try These Easy Easter Brunch Dessert Ideas

Try These Easy Easter Brunch Dessert Ideas

There's so much to love about Easter. But for most people, gathering with family to enjoy luscious recipes, sharing a sweet treat on the dessert table along with fresh fruit and carrot cake, while thinking about the day's meaning is the favorite part.

A delicious Easter breakfast is always scrummy, but do you know what's even more amazing? Whipping up some mouth-watering Easter brunch desserts! Sure, everyone with a sweet tooth wouldn't mind chocolate bunnies, but nothing beats homemade treats of bundt cake or any number of dessert recipes to close your Easter morning feast.

11 Easy Easter Brunch Dessert Ideas

Let's take a look at some cool Easter brunch delicious dessert ideas that you'll love!

1. Easter Bread

It's Easter! So, why not have one of the most significant traditional Easter treats? A lovely braided Easter bread is a perfect idea, especially if topped with sprinkles and some colorful eggs. This recipe makes a stunning centerpiece or, in our case, a perfect brunch dessert to add to your Easter menu.  

2. Homemade Banana Pudding Pie

Take your Easter brunch dessert to the next level with the perfect dessert, the classic homemade banana pudding pie. Even better, one with a fluffy meringue topping.

Besides being easy to make, this pie can be refrigerated for up to two days before your Easter feast. It would be best to put wooden toothpicks into the topping halfway between the pie's center and its edge.

3. Crisp Lemon Cake Cookies

With these lemon zest and bright lemon cake mix cookies, expect to bring a gorgeous pastel color to your dessert, that's not the candy eggs. That's not even the best part yet – these cookies need only four ingredients to make: an egg, butter, rice cereal, and lemon cake mix.

4. Lemon-Lime Ricotta Pound Cake

When talking about traditional-style favorite desserts, pound cake must come up in the conversation. It is a great dessert, but top it up with some citrus and watch yourself charm everyone at the potluck.

What's more impressive, it's a make-ahead dessert idea. You can simply wrap it in plastic wrap, then in an airtight container for storage several days before Easter.

5. Carrot Cake

A cake made with carrots can seem minimal to many. But surprisingly, it's delicious enough to make an ideal birthday cake and your Easter day memorable.

Classic carrot Cake is a classic brunch dessert whose texture and taste can't be compromised even when made ahead. One taste is enough to convert your silly "carrot cake isn't for me" friend, especially once they taste the amazing cream cheese frosting that comes with it.

6. Strawberry Cake

Strawberry cake is usually considered great moist cakes. There are varying ways to make a strawberry cake, but nothing beats a sunken-berry, sugar-crusted glee. Simpler to bake than a towering layer cake, a strawberry dessert is a colorful dessert and is no less impressive and is sure to bring smiles during Easter brunch.

You can bake some berries right into the cake, and if you like, slice some more berries on top before serving it.

7. Pecan Sandies

Being Easter, there's a high chance of you overindulging in too much candy. As such, you may be looking for something that isn't too sweet, and what's better than pecan sandies? So, prepare a batch for your Easter brunch and watch everyone become thrilled.

8. Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread

For any special occasion like Easter brunch, don't expect to go wrong with monkey bread or cinnamon rolls (with some buttercream frosting of powdered sugar). But being a special time, try something next level – combine the two ideas to make a cinnamon roll monkey bread, which in a few words, is nothing but a flaky, indulgent, and sweet brunch treat.

9. Buttermilk Scones

Easter is busy, and you may lack time to swing by the bakery for some of Queen City's favorite scones. So, you may opt to make these buttermilk scones at home, which is now easier than ever with the all-natural Sunflour's buttermilk scone mix. Try adding your toppings and mix-ins to create fresh custom scones for everyone.

10. Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Who doesn't like the lightly sweet aroma accompanying a cream cheese coffee cake? Being so flavorful, consider it a worthy prospect for your Easter brunch menu.

Since taking things to the next level is our thing, we recommend adding a lush layer of cream cheese and some of your favorite fruits and one more layer of crumbly streusel to make it crunchy. Suppose you're not in a position to DIY, hit us up for our ready-made fresh cream cheese coffee cake.

11. Cupcakes in a Jar

Go unique with Easter cupcakes in a jar, with each jar including a butter-cream frosting on top with a few colorful layers of cake underneath. These cake jars are effortless and fun to make at home.

But if you're in Charlotte, we wouldn't mind saving you the hassle. We boast professionally made cake jar bundles with 12 flavors to match and mix. So, make your cake jar order now. 

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