Six Employee Gift Ideas That Anyone Would Love

Six Employee Gift Ideas That Anyone Would Love

Every employer wants to make sure that their employees feel appreciated. When employees feel engaged and that their voice matters, there is a direct increase in profitability. However, according to a recent Gallup poll, 86% of employees do not feel fully engaged in their work. In fact, 13% feel actively disengaged.

As more work has gone remote in these challenging times, it is becoming harder to show employees that you appreciate all that they do. You can no longer just stop by the office for a quick hello or ask about their wellbeing and their family. 

One way to keep employees engaged and work morale high is to give a thoughtful and useful gift to help the employee through these hard times. However, finding the perfect employee gift year after year is not always easy. And now, more than ever, we must make them count.

Here are six ideas for unique employee gifts to brighten up anyone’s day!

  1. Cake Jars

    Cupcakes are a special treat for the whole family, and cake jars are a unique way to be able to share and ship cupcakes. Sunflour has twelve different flavors of cake jars so that your employee can get a variety of delectable desserts that you chose for them. Mixing and matching different flavors means that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The cake jars are rich layers of moist cake covered in buttercream frosting. Every cake jar comes in a reusable mason jar. Cakes created with love and care make a great gift.

  2. Wireless Headphones

    When more time is spent working or studying at home, a good pair of headphones is absolutely necessary. When the whole family is working and going to school in the same house, noise can become an issue. Some people may be pulling out old headphones and finding that they no longer can plug them into their devices. Older Bluetooth models are unreliable. Having up-to-date, wireless, Bluetooth headphones with a microphone is a must. Many people may not realize how convenient it is to go wire-free — there’s the freedom to get up and walk around, grab a cup of coffee or snack from the kitchen, or rearrange items on their desks without tripping over cords or having to disconnect from their devices.

    The best quality headphones mean clearly hearing others during virtual meetings and collaborations — and them being able to hear you, too. Top of the line headphones have mics built into them so you can speak freely. But headphones are not just for work. Newer models mean that people can listen to music with excellent sound quality, listen to audiobooks, and communicate with friends while remotely playing video games with each other. And, let’s be honest, everyone loves a new pair of headphones.

  3. Unique Coffee

    Coffee can help keep your employee working enthusiastically throughout the day. Whether it was having coffee in the office breakroom or doing work at nearby coffee shops, an employee’s work often revolves around coffee in one way or another. Office work may no longer be an option, and it might be hard to find a coffee shop that’s open, but that doesn’t mean that coffee needs to be cut out of our lives. In fact, now is a great time for everyone to try out new coffee varieties and blends at home.

  4. Yoga Mat and Meditation Resources

    More workouts are being done in the home lately, and having a new, high-quality yoga mat is a must. Workout and meditation resources are a great idea to include in a care package. Self-care is vitally important for a healthy employee, and with a little help, this can be done right in their home. There are plenty of meditation books and supplies out there to help people stay focused and centered.

  5. Sunflour Baking Company Premade and Custom Gift Baskets

    Not sure where to start? Sunflour Baking Company has premade gift baskets for you to choose from. We can do the work for you and send your employees an array of fresh, made-from-scratch, baked goods, and other treats. We have scones and cookies, muffin mixes, and other fun items we can put together and ship anywhere in the United States. You can also create your own custom gift baskets and choose from any of our individual items. We ship all over the country, so it doesn’t matter where your employees reside to get them fresh baked goods today.

    We can even include additional customized items in your gift packages, such as corporate branded products. These items help boost morale and team spirit among your employees and are a great way to show off your company logo. Pair coffee mugs with bags of fresh coffee beans, or send your employees branded apparel and office supplies to enjoy while working at home.

  6. Indoor Plants

    Your employees might not be getting outside as much as they’d like to these days, so why not get them an indoor plant or Bonsai tree to spruce up their home office? Bringing a little nature inside can help relax and refresh. In fact, finding and raising indoor plants can be addicting, and it might be the start of an employee’s new hobby.

    Gifts to Show You Care

    The right employee gift is one that will brighten up your employee’s day and remind them that, although things change, we will all adapt and get through this together. Sunflour Baking Company gift baskets have that special homemade touch that will show your employees that you care about them and that they deserve quality treats. Shop online with Sunflour Baking Company now and contact us for help getting a fun and unique gift ready now. 



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