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Choose from a wide range of delicacies to satisfy you throughout the day, from breakfast sandwiches and pastries to savory soups, hot toasted sandwiches, exquisite desserts and, of course, some amazing coffees, teas, and other beverages. Cakes, pies, and loaves of our various loaves of bread are also available for you to take and enjoy at home.  Below is a selection of what you will find on a visit to one of our bakeries, but we are constantly dreaming up new treats to surprise and delight you (have you seen our Cake Jars?) so expect the unexpected as well! NEW! Shop our newest selection of Small Batch Local Maker foody gifts

Meet the Cupcakes in a Jar, the long-lasting cupcake snack baked fresh in our bakeries and shipped to eager sugar devotees across the country. If you love desserts as much as we do, no doubt you’ve been around the block a few times on delicious portable confections. Apple turnovers are a classic favorite, but you’ve probably also seen things like tiny packaged parfaits, pies that fit in the palm of your hand, and every possible variation of cookies. If you’ve tried everything from the pocket pancakes to the strawberry shortcake kebabs, you may think yourself a portable dessert connoisseur, and maybe you are. But we’re here to tell you there’s a new rising star in the world of portable delicacies and you haven’t lived until you’ve tried one… or two.