Cupcake Gifts

Cupcake Gifts Make The Best Gifts

If you’re looking to send a beautiful dessert to someone special we have you covered!

Cupcakes are the perfect punch of dessert in a bite-sized (okay, two or three bite-sized) little form factor. Indulge in dessert without regretting it in the morning (or the next time we step on the scale). And our cupcakes in a jar make an even better gift because they fit two whole cupcakes in one jar! Jars can be resealed and saved for later. They last up to 10 days with refrigeration and can be in the freezer up to 6 months.

It’s no surprise that they are so loved! Cupcake gifts are better received than more traditional gifts like flowers. What is a better gift? The most beautiful flower arrangement or a red-velvet frosted cupcake baked with love, and beautifully layered in re-usable jars? We may be a bit biased!

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The Ultimate Guide to Cupcake Gifts

It is difficult to come across people who aren´t fanatic about cupcakes. The entire world is spellbound by these versatile, tasty treats. Like everyone else, you too should join in on the fun. And don´t be selfish with the treats – share them by sending cupcakes to your loved ones as well.

Sending Cupcakes

Are you looking for gift ideas for your loved ones? If so, you should consider sending them custom branded cupcakes. The cupcakes will make a lasting impression and ensure that your gift is the one that stands out from the rest. Properly packaged, cupcakes can travel well. Cupcakes placed in jars can last up to ten days with refrigeration and can stay in the freezer for up to six months.

We believe that cupcake gifts are better received than other traditional gifts. Flowers wilt and die within a matter of days, but cupcakes can last much longer. Because their decorations are so customizable, cupcakes make the perfect gift for any number of occasions. Any birthday, anniversary, or graduation can be celebrated with a gift of cupcakes.

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Cupcake Gift Baskets

It just feels good to receive the surprise of a gift basket. There´s an overwhelming excitement about receiving a vessel that carries a bunch of delightful small surprises and sweet treats you didn´t solicit. Consider sending cupcake gift baskets to your near and dear ones. After all, a homemade cupcake gift basket is a thoughtful gesture as you can select all the items with the receiver´s interests in mind. Choose their favorite flavors and colors for a personalized gift.

When putting together a cupcake gift basket, you will first need to choose a main color and theme, and then fill the basket with the cupcakes that blend in well with the theme. That´s all there is to it. You can also choose to add other elements and ingredients to the basket including wine, champagne, coffee, candle, pretty chocolate, or a novelty trinket. It’s also a good idea to add some kind of natural element to the basket—something as simple as fresh flowers livens up the appearance of the tasty gift.

Corporate Gifting

Imagine the feeling of elation and exhilaration your recipient experiences when he or she lifts open a perfect, moist batch of cupcakes from a wonderfully decorated presentation box. The presentation box, jars, and cupcakes can be customized with your business logos. Anything you can print on paper, most of the cupcake selling outlets can print on their cupcakes and baskets too. Your thoughtful, delicious gift will linger in the recipients´ minds for a long time.

Cupcakes can serve as wonderful corporate gifts. These gifts allow you to reach out to your business partners in a responsive, touching, and fun way. Corporate gifts spread goodwill; they attract positivity and spread the words that you are a generous company that identifies and rewards the efforts of employees and partners. What better way to strengthen and grow relationships than with a batch of cupcakes?