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Send a gift they’ll truly appreciate – Cupcakes in a Jar! Great for birthdays, business clients, homesick college students, that special someone, or just yourself… who doesn’t love a cupcake?! Each mason jar contains two decadent, ready to devour cupcakes layered with sumptuous buttercream icing and toppings. We have 12 delicious flavors available so fill up a 2, 4, or 6 pack today!FREE SHIPPING or $5 flat rate to most places. We ship cupcakes nationwide.

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Instructions for ordering cupcakes online:
  1. Choose how many jars you want in your package, 2, 4 or 6 jars.
  2. Fill your package with different flavored cupcake jars, we have 12 varieties to choose from.
  3. Click “Get My Cupcakes!” and enter your shipping and payment information.

It’s that simple!

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Why “Cupcakes in a Jar”?

At Sunflour Baking Company we believe in freshness. In fact, our motto is “from scratch. small batch. local”. Meaning everything we bake and sell is made in small batches, and from scratch to ensure freshness. Our Cupcakes are shipped in mason style jars and finished off with a layer of frosting to make sure that when you open that box it’s like walking into one of our local bakeries. Order today by selecting the number of cupcakes you would like to receive and then choosing your flavors. We have 12 to choose from!

The Perfect Gift

Not sure what to get someone? How about something delicious and packaged perfectly to put a smile on that someone’s face. Our awesome cupcakes, served in jars, are that perfect gift. Delicious buttercream, fresh baked cake, all layered up with a tight sealed lid to ensure freshness. Just opening the jar will make anyone on your gift list happy, let alone digging in “spoon first”, which is on a whole different level of satisfying.ORDER NOW >>>

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