From Scratch Cupcakes Delivered To Your Doorstep In Beautiful Jars

We deliver cupcakes nationwide on the date of your choosing. Use our easy online cupcake ordering wizard to place your order today. It’s the perfect gift or treats for your family or that special someone. We ship cupcakes in re-usable mason jars. Each jar contains two full layered cupcakes and our delicious buttercream. Order now!

Begin by selecting the number of jars you would like to order. Each jar = two full cupcakes!

  • Flat-rate or FREE delivery nationwide
  • Order Online With Easy Wizard
  • 100% from scratch cupcakes & buttercream
  • Send as a gift with a custom message
  • Spoon & Napkin Included!
  • You Get Two Cupcakes per jar
  • 12 Flavors To Mix & Match!

Send a gift they’ll truly appreciate – Cupcakes in a Jar! Great for birthday parties, business clients, homesick college students, baby shower, bridal shower, that special someone, or just yourself… who doesn’t love a cupcake?! Each mason jar contains two decadent, ready to devour cupcakes layered with sumptuous buttercream icing and toppings. FREE SHIPPING or $5 flat rate nationwide. *Please note, we cannot ship to P.O. boxes.

Order Cupcakes Online From Sunflour Baking Company
Instructions for ordering cupcakes online:
  1. Choose how many jars you want in your package, 2, 4 or 6 jars.
  2. Fill your package with different flavored cupcake jars, we have 12 varieties to choose from.
  3. Click "Get My Cupcakes!" and enter your shipping and payment information.

It's that simple! Start by selecting your cupcake package...


“I ordered these for a friend about a month ago and they were a huge hit! It’s going to become my go-to gift!”

Kathy in Charlotte, NC

“I sent my sister your cupcake jars as a surprise birthday present and she was very pleased!”

Lee in Charlotte, NC

“Thanks again for taking such care in sending the gift card and cake jars to our customers in Virginia, they were so happy! I’ll definitely be ordering again.”

Sophia in Tampa, FL

“Your cupcakes in jars really cheered up my brother when he was in the hospital last month. I wish we could go to your bakery in person!”

Abigail in Albemarle, VA

This place has the best cupcakes in Charlotte! I stop in frequently just to pick up a cupcake. They are big and delicious. My favorites are the blondie and the red velvet. They also have excellent coffee.

lindaeluv, Charlotte, North Carolina

Love this place! I had the vegan whole wheat raspberry muffin for breakfast and picked up the key lime pie for my hubby for dessert. Excellent!


We ship cupcakes nationwide! Select the number of jars you would like to order above and you will be able to use our interactive ordering form. Enter your shipping zip code and our live calendar will automatically update with pricing for different dates. Our Four Pack and Six Pack of cupcakes in a jar ship for free! With our partnership with UPS, your order is delivered on-time and in perfect condition. We take great care to package your cupcake jars to be safely shipped cross-country. If you have questions or comments on shipping costs please contact us today.

Please contact us at for all questions related to ordering cupcakes online.

Cupcake Delivery Options

We ship cupcakes with our shipping partner UPS. Simply by entering your zip code where you would like to send cupcakes to and our online shipping calendar will automatically calculate pricing options for any day you would like. Our four packs and six packs ship for free anywhere in the US!

How We Ship Cupcakes

Our cupcakes are made from scratch and in small batches. First, we make our delicious, moist cake layers. There are currently 12 flavors available like Peanut Butter Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Blondie, Key Lime Pie, and the popular Birthday Cake. Flavors come from both the cake and the homemade buttercream frosting that we layer in between.

Cupcake Delivery Times in Transit Map

In order to preserve freshness and presentation, we deliver our cupcakes in convenient mason jars. Each jar holds two full cupcakes. Bonus! Each jar is sealed airtight and beautifully labeled. It's really the perfect gift. Beautiful, delicious, and recyclable. With our shipping partner UPS, we are able to box and ship cupcakes fresh anywhere in the United States. Refer to our map below for times in transit.


Order Cupcakes in a Jar Online

Why in a Jar?

At Sunflour Baking Company we believe in freshness. In fact, our motto is "from scratch. small batch. local". Meaning everything we bake and sell is made in small batches, and from scratch to ensure freshness. Order cupcakes online and we ship them off in mason-style jars and finish them with a layer of frosting to make sure that when you open that box it's like walking into one of our local bakeries. Purchase today by selecting the number of cupcakes you would like to receive and then choosing your flavors. We have 12 to choose from!

Makes The Perfect Gift

Not sure what to get someone? How about something delicious and packaged perfectly to put a smile on that someone's face. Our awesome cupcakes, served in jars, are that perfect gift. Delicious buttercream, freshly baked cake, all layered up with a tightly sealed lid to ensure freshness. Just opening the jar will make anyone on your gift list happy, let alone digging in "spoon first", which is on a whole different level of satisfying.

What is a "Cupcake In A Jar"?

We're so glad you asked! Let's get straight to the buttercream center of the question. A cupcake in a jar is exactly what it sounds like. Two large, delicious, and freshly baked cupcakes layered with their own icing and toppings into a sturdy mason jar for the safest cupcake travel you've ever seen sent two jars at a time for double the fun.

  • fresh, from scratch cake layered into mason jars
  • delicious, rich buttercream tops each cake layer
  • air-tight lid seals in the freshness and makes it last

Cupcakes in Jars can be sent through the mail (we do it all the time), and eaten straight out of the jar with a perfect balance of cake and icing as if you'd just ordered one warm off our shelves. Oh! And you can warm them up, too for that ooey-gooey warm cupcake delight.

Why the Mason Jar?

Mason Jar Used To Pack And Ship Cupcakes - Cupcakes In Jars Stay Fresh Longer and Are Easier to Ship, Eat, and Gift Believe us when we say we've transported a lot of cupcakes and are familiar with all the classic challenges. The icing slides, the tumbles, the dreaded Squish. Normally once your cupcake tips, that's the end and you're eating it with a spoon. We figured, why not make a squish-proof, and spoon-friendly from the very beginning? Mason jars are sturdy, they seal tight, and you can send them safely in the mail, unlike normal cupcakes. Plus, they're 100% reusable!

After a little experimentation, we confirmed that we can send you two full-sized and generously iced cupcakes for every jar and the Cupcake in a Jar was born. The jars do an amazing job of keeping the cupcakes fresh, and each packaged dessert can last up to 10 days without refrigeration and even longer if you keep them cool. Want to eat one jar now and the other later? No problem, because they can last up to 6 months in the freezer.

Send A Beautiful Gift To Someone Special Today!

Our signature Cupcake in a Jar is perfect for parties, gifts, midnight snacks, camping trips, and or maybe just to treat yourself. When you're ready to try one, you can pick two, four, or six of our delectable flavors and we'll ship the cupcakes directly to you! Whether you crave layers of chocolate, classic carrot cake, or a tangy key-lime, we've got the perfect cupcake recipe ready for you. Order a 2 pack, 4 pack, or 6 pack today or contact us directly to share your love of cupcakes.

Cupcakes in a Jar Make a Great Gift