Choosing the Perfect Holiday Gift for a Co-worker (or your Boss!)

Choosing the Perfect Holiday Gift for a Co-worker (or your Boss!)

There are so many occasions when you may have to buy a gift for a co-worker, but how can you be sure you’re buying the right thing? A gift card is too impersonal; a book will end up forgotten and collecting dust; a gag gift will quickly be re-gifted to someone else. If you’re looking for some workplace gift-giving guidance, here are a few rules to keep in mind.

Don’t get personal.

When it comes to workplace relationships, there’s a fine line between being friendly and being intrusive or inappropriate. For example, if a coworker just got divorced, don’t present him or her with a bottle of champagne or a membership to a singles dating website! When it comes to coworkers, stick with gifts that are fun and easy to enjoy no matter what kind of personal situation someone is in.

Avoid religious or political gifts for coworkers.

In the same vein, it’s best to avoid gifts with a religious or political theme. A political bumper sticker or t-shirt that seems hilarious to you may actually be very offensive to the recipient. The same goes for gifts that are very religious or spiritual. Unless you know your coworker extremely well, it’s better to choose a gift that appeals to everyone.

Pick the right price point. Inexpensive but thoughtful.

If you present someone with a very expensive gift, it could turn out to be embarrassing or could even create the wrong impression. For example, buying a high-end piece of jewelry or a box of pricey cigars might be a great idea for a significant other or best friend. But your coworker will wonder if he or she has to reciprocate with something just as expensive. Or worse, your gift might be taken as a romantic gesture! Don’t create a potentially embarrassing situation; instead, aim for an inexpensive but thoughtful gift (such as $10-$30, depending on the occasion) that shows you put some thought and effort into the gift choice.

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Match the gift to the occasion.

Whether it’s a baby shower, a holiday party, or a retirement celebration, every event has a perfect gift. For new parents, a gift of sweet or savory treats is a guilty pleasure they will love. Desserts and other tasty foods also make great holiday gifts for co-workers because everyone loves to indulge around the holidays.

Make it easy for yourself.

The most important rule of all is not to stress out over gift giving. Everybody is trying to come up with extravagant or different office gift ideas. If you find yourself running all over town to shop for a gift, or staying up late to make the perfect creation, then you’re just making yourself miserable for no reason. A great gift should make the giver just as happy as the recipient.

Our top gift choice for coworkers?

Cupcakes! For a delightful, unique and tasty gift, you simply can’t go wrong with cupcakes! We bake our scrumptious cupcakes fresh to order, then package and ship them in mason-style jars that are both beautiful and reusable. They make the perfect gift for a co-worker because they’re unique and always a crowd-pleaser. They’re both thoughtful and reasonably priced, and they save you the trouble of baking cupcakes and whipping up frosting the night before a company party or other event.

One of the best things about receiving cupcakes is that you can have your cake and eat it, too. Cupcakes are the perfect size to indulge in some mouth-watering cake and frosting, guilt-free. And our cupcakes in a jar are beautifully packaged to show off the moist cake, rich frosting and colorful decorations to perfection. The only thing you have to decide is how many cupcakes to order, and what flavors to choose. Would your coworker enjoy a decadent triple chocolate cupcake? A refreshing coconut or key lime confection? Or a daring dark chocolate and caramel combination?


With 12 tempting flavors to choose from, you may just have to order a few cupcakes for yourself. Go ahead and treat yourself; you deserve it after picking the perfect gifts for your co-workers! Contact us today to learn more about our delicious cupcakes and other tasty creations.

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