Do You Know Where to Buy Cupcakes? We Do!

Do You Know Where to Buy Cupcakes? We Do!

So you’ve been asked to bring a dessert to your department potluck? Or your son’s birthday is next week and you’ve promised him you’ll bring cupcakes for the whole class? Whatever the reason, now you’re feeling the pressure: where to buy cupcakes? Well, you don’t have to worry for one second longer. We can tell you exactly where to buy cupcakes, and how to choose them. So what are you waiting for?

Where to Buy Cupcakes For the Party

Where to buy cupcakes? Here’s our list:

Your closest grocery store. Grocery stores have easy to find, mid-range cupcakes. They can always serve as a back up when you’re pressed for time and you need to buy cupcakes quickly. You’ll find a decent selection of cupcakes, and if the store is close by, you can pick them up on your way to work or school. But don’t expect to find variety, quality, or the ability to customize. You’ll probably only find two or three flavors of mass-produced cupcakes. And don’t look too closely at the ingredient list; all those chemicals and additives are common in “store-bought” cupcakes. So we recommend you continue on to our next suggestion of where to buy cupcakes.

Your local bakery. A local bakery will provide much higher quality cupcakes that use fresh ingredients and come with delectable toppings. You will probably pay a little more for the handcrafted quality and variety of cupcakes, but your family and friends will immediately be able to tell the difference. Most bakeries offer several different flavors and sizes of cupcakes to choose from. You can even find gluten-free treats so everyone can indulge. And best of all, you’ll be supporting a local business with your purchase. But what do you do if you don’t have a great bakery near your home or office? Or what if you don’t have time to stop at the store during business hours and shop around? Then we suggest you check out our next recommendation below on where to buy cupcakes.

Online. Yes, we said it: you can buy fabulous cupcakes online and have them delivered wherever you need them. And we’re not talking about cupcakes from Amazon or from a bulk online seller, either. Cupcakes purchased online come from the same local bakeries that you would normally walk into and shop around in person. They just provide an easy, hassle-free way to order cupcakes and other yummy treats online. The best thing about ordering online cupcakes is that your work is done in a matter of minutes and you can sit back and relax. Now that you know where to buy cupcakes, what should you choose? We have some tips for just that question.

Choosing online cupcakes. At Sunflour Baking Company, we have the online cupcake ordering process down to a science. Simply choose the number of cupcakes you want and then select your desired flavors. (Classic Birthday, Chocolate Caramel and Coconut are just a few of our most popular flavors, but you’ll have plenty more to choose from when you see our online selection.) We recommend picking several different flavors so your friends and family can pick their favorites. Our cupcakes are baked fresh to order with only the highest quality ingredients. And the best part of all is that your cupcakes will arrive packaged in cute mason jars with napkins and spoons included, so they are ready to eat as soon as you unbox them. No mess and no waiting? What could be better! Our cake jars will be an instant hit at your event.

Now that you know exactly where to buy cupcakes, contact us today to get your online cupcake order started. These delightful treats will be at your doorstep before you know it.



Where are the best places to buy cupcakes?

The best places to buy cupcakes are your local grocery, local bakeries around you, or online with nationwide shipping.

Why buy cupcakes online?

Buying cupcakes online allows you to try out local bakeries you may not have been able to try in person. Many bakeries are now offering to ship so you can get their products fresh anywhere.

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