Holiday Gift Ideas Without the Holiday Stress!

Holiday Gift Ideas Without the Holiday Stress!

The holidays can be a hectic time of year: between school events, office parties and visits from friends and relatives, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever have time to shop for gifts. Before you give up and decide to just get gift cards for everyone on your list, try these unique and stress-free gift ideas instead.

A gift from the heart.

Who says the holidays have to be about expensive toys and fancy electronics? This year, give your family and friends a thoughtful gift that comes from the heart. You can create a family heirloom by putting together a collection of your most-loved recipes. Simply gather copies of recipes you love to make, recipes that were handed down from your parents or grandparents, or even recipes that you want to make but have never tried. For a beautiful presentation, print them on heavy stock paper, then wrap them in tissue paper and tie the whole package with a fancy ribbon.

Another gift that creates lasting memories is a personalized photo album. Don’t have time to hunt through all your old photo downloads? No problem! Just look through your phone or your social media accounts for fun photos of the person you have in mind. Make sure to include pictures of yourself, too! Then print the pictures and place them in a photo album for a beautiful, unique gift. If you’re short on time, create an album online using a service like Shutterfly or Snapfish that will do all the work for you.

Gift an experience.

Another great way to give someone special a personalized gift is to give experiences, not things. Do you have a nephew that wants to learn how to play an instrument? Don’t buy him a keyboard or a drum set; instead, buy him a few lessons with a piano teacher. For the niece who loves horses, give her a gift of a free horseback riding lesson. And everyone has a fitness tracking device these days, so give your mom or dad something different: free passes to boxing or spin classes at the local gym, or free sessions with a personal trainer. Finally, for that friend who complains that she’s always stressed out: a gift certificate for a massage or a meditation session is just the thing to take her mind off of the daily grind.

Gift an indulgence.

Everyone loves to indulge a little bit at the holidays. Parents buy amazing toys for their kids, spouses buy special gifts for one another, and even companies host holiday parties and give out Christmas bonuses. You can give your friends and relatives the perfect reason to indulge when you give them a gift of delicious cupcakes! Our cupcakes make an excellent holiday gift for so many reasons.

First of all, we package our cupcakes and ship them directly to you or to your gift recipient. No more staying up late to bake treats, and no more standing in line at the post office to mail them. With just a few clicks, you can have an instant holiday gift ready for everyone on your list. Second, our cupcakes are made from scratch using the very freshest ingredients, and the quality is evident in every bite. Finally, what makes our cupcakes in a jar delivery so special is our gourmet selection of traditional and modern flavors. You can shop our online store to come up with the perfect combination. Choose from 12 delectable flavors like daring raspberry chocolate, mouth-watering key lime, and traditional birthday cake.

When your family and friends open their cupcake gifts, they’ll find mesmerizing layers of cake, frosting, and decorations packaged in clear jars that are eco-friendly and reusable. Before you know it, your gift will become a crowd favorite at the holidays.

Don’t put off your holiday shopping any longer: contact us and we’ll be happy to make someone on your gift list smile.

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