These Five Tricks Will Make Your Everyday Meals Look Spectacular

These Five Tricks Will Make Your Everyday Meals Look Spectacular

Have you ever wished you could serve meals that look as fancy as the dishes you see in magazine ads or on cooking shows? The secret is all in the presentation, and the best part is that you don’t have to be a gourmet chef to pull it off.

Here are five quick and easy tricks that will take your food from good-looking to gorgeous.

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Trendy plates and linens add a pop. Ditch your usual round dinner plates and everyday silverware for something a little splashier. Serve your favorite meal on a square or triangle-shaped plate that will instantly make your food look glamorous and appealing. Set the table with teak-handled silverware and beautifully printed napkins with organic, geometric patterns. While you can find many of these items online or in stores, remember to check out consignment shops for unique, well-priced finds.

Form your food to fit the meal. If you’re making jasmine rice to go with Thai curry, or Japanese fried rice for an Asian-themed dinner, try this little trick: coat a medium bowl with a little cooking spray, then press a generous serving of rice firmly into the bowl. Flip the bowl upside down on your dinner plate to create a perfectly round presentation. Or use mini cookie cutters in heart and star shapes to cut out everything from fruit for quirky fruit salads to sweet potato pieces for oven-baked fries. That little bit of extra attention will make your food look extra special.

Go tiny to make a big impression. Everything looks fun when it’s small: mini quiches, mini brownies, and tiny donuts are just the start. Use a mini waffle maker or silicon rounds to make small pancakes or waffles. Then arrange your toppings buffet-style and let guests pile them on. Or have some fun with rice crispy treats or brownies by cutting them into small diamond shapes or cutting them into other shapes with a cookie cutter. You and your guests will love these dainty treats.

Make a quick garnish with everyday items. You can jazz up your food with tasty and attractive garnishes, and your guests will never know how easy it was. The trick is to contrast colors, flavors, and textures. If you’re serving ice cream, crumble up some granola bars or graham crackers to sprinkle on top. Serving French toast? Mix together honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, chopped nuts, and a little butter to create a delectable  sauce to drizzle on top. You can even use a vegetable peeler to peel very thin spirals of apple peel or lemon zest, making pretty, edible garnish in a flash. Soon you’ll be looking at every food in your kitchen as a possible garnish for your next dish!

The layered look is in. Most foods look incredibly alluring when presented in colorful layers. Layer grilled vegetables on top of steaks or burgers, and hold them in place with a tall wooden skewer. Deconstruct any dessert and serve it layered in a wine glass or sorbet dish: layers of cake, frosting, crunchy toppings, and fruit filling make a beautiful presentation – especially when topped with whipped cream. You can even layer snack packs for kids or adults. Simply fill a small mason jar with layers of chocolate candy, popcorn, pretzels and nuts. Attractive and easy to carry, the snacks will be an instant hit.

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