Unique Gift Ideas Vol. 1: Baking Gifts

Unique Gift Ideas Vol. 1: Baking Gifts

Finding just the right gift is a struggle everyone can identify with, particularly if this present is for someone very special in our life or maybe you need a gift for a co-worker. Many of the best gifts are the ones we’ve created ourselves. To truly transform your next gift, consider creating an edible present or a unique gift basket your loved one can enjoy munching. Whether preparing for an upcoming birthday or holiday, searching for the perfect anniversary gift, or simply looking for a fun surprise, these 5 creative and unique gift giving ideas are the perfect way to bring a smile to your special someone’s face.

1. “Cupcake in a Jar”

“Deconstructed” cupcakes are beautiful and quirky gift options anyone will love. Clear mason jars are the perfect way to show off the tasty and colorful dessert layers inside. With dozens of cupcake flavors to choose from, it’s easy to find just the right recipe for a loved one. Cupcake jars are very flexible gift options. Give a decadent, formal jar or something colorful and playful. Be sure to top off your gift with the decorations such as a bow, creative gift tag, or special love note.

2. “Movie Theater Kit”

Whether heading out for the latest blockbuster or simply staying in for a quiet movie night, give your special someone a tasty “theater kit,” packed with all the best movie treats. Use a basic cardboard box and fill with colorful paper confetti or tissue paper. Add popcorn baggies, assorted candy, and a favorite bottled drink. For an extra special surprise, hide some special movie tickets inside and enjoy a movie night together.

3. “Sweet Spoons”

Transform a basic set of spoons into a set of tempting, “mini desserts.” Dip each one in melted caramel, chocolate, or candy melts. Give every spoon a beautiful and unique look with sprinkles, candy, crushed nuts, or even edible glitter. Unleash your creativity and challenge yourself to make each spoon unique or create a specific theme to pattern each one after. When dry, gather the spoons together with ribbon and lightly wrap in tissue or gift bags. These sweet spoons are perfect for stirring hot chocolate or coffee. They can also be eaten alone to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth.

4. “Light of My Life”

Everyone has someone who truly “lights up” their life in all the best ways. These special individuals are the ones that help us survive even the darkest days. Present your special someone with a simple but meaningful gift that helps them see how much they brighten your life. Using a plastic, imitation light bulb, fill it with a bright yellow candy such as Lemon Heads, yellow skittles, or Lemmon Drops. Wrap with ribbon and place in a festive gift box. Be sure to include a sweet note explaining your unique gift. These bulbs can be saved as special mementos of your relationships.

5. “Donut Bouquet”

Not every bouquet is made of flowers. “Donut bouquets” are a hilarious but beautiful twist on traditional flower arrangements. Create your own unique, DIY arrangement with pre-made donuts and wooden skewers. Choose as many donut types and flavors as you can to add eye-catching color and originality to your creation. After preparing each donut, wrap the skewers lightly with tissue paper and tie with a ribbon. Place inside a long, flower box or place in a festive gift vase. To give your donut bouquet a final touch, drop this gift off at their work or home. This tasty surprise is one they’ll never forget.

Baking Gifts: Tools & Giftsets for Any Baker On Your List

  • dishwasher safe mixing bowls
  • cake stand
  • kitchen towels (can never have enough!)
  • measuring cups; measuring spoons
  • cookie cutter shapes
  • stand mixer
  • cake pan
  • rolling pin
  • hand mixer
  • oven mitt
  • silicone baking sheets

Edible Unusual Gift Ideas

Although edible gifts often don’t last long, these meaningful, delicious gifts are very personal and loving. Nothing say’s “I love you” better than a favorite treat or a beautiful dessert. Browse our online shop or branch out and create something brand new with your own homemade recipes. Regardless of what you give your loved one, the very idea of giving them a special gift is a special reminder that they are loved. For more unique gift giving ideas, follow us on Twitter and Facebook today.

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