White Cake vs. Yellow Cake vs. Chocolate Cake

White Cake vs. Yellow Cake vs. Chocolate Cake

Cake time marks the time for celebration. And whether it's your anniversary, graduation, Valentine's, or your loved one's birthday, be sure to bake some. In simpler terms, cakes make the ideal dessert to wow your family and friends.

There are different types of cake, and everyone has their favorite flavor and type. For some, it may be an antique grocery store cake. Others prefer a rich, mile-high, heavily frosted sweet layer cake, and for those who love theirs a little airier, perhaps an angel food cake would be the one to satisfy their sweet tooth.

No matter your preference, understanding the facts relating to various kinds of cake is vital. After all, different cakes best suit diverse occasions, and we're not just talking sheet cakes and cake decoration. We will, however, focus on three types of cake: white cake, yellow cake, and chocolate cake – including when to pick each one. So let's get right into it!

White Cake

You're probably asking, "why bake a white cake while you can make a yellow cake instead?" But sometimes, your sweet tooth just craves nothing but a white cake. It makes an ideal option when you're not in the mood for an "eggy" cake.

In other words, the flavor isn't muddied by the yolks as they are not present (only egg whites), making the cake ingredients flavor come out as more pronounced vanilla. Combine that with an almond flavor and attain a seamless, mellow flavor matching that of your favorite bakery cakes or wedding cakes.

A white cake's texture is heavy, firm, and denser. To spice things up a bit, we recommend pairing it with a richer, heavier textured frosting – cream cheese or buttercream are ideal options.

Quick tip! Line the cake pan's bottom using parchment paper to ensure your cake comes out in one piece and avoid a thicker crust forming on the cake's base.

Remarkably, a white cake is an all-around option. It's a simple recipe for everyday cupcakes and yet an ideal gift to grace your loved ones' birthday cakesand other special occasions (no matter who the cake decorator is). Sure, a white cake can be more tricky and finicky than a chocolate cake. But if well made, expect it to blow any boxed cake mix out of the water.

Yellow Cake

A yellow cake is one of the must-have recipes in your cookbook arsenal. It's one of the most tender, moist, and fanciful recipes that most people know and love. For that reason, it's a cake you can make all the time as it is usually a guests safe choice.

Even more impressive, a yellow cake proves very versatile. Its batter gets along pretty well with various extra treats, be it chocolate chips, nuts, or sprinkles. And if you were to switch up the frosting (our favorite part), expect nothing but an entirely different look and taste! – which is good for an all-time cake that needs a bit of "switching things up" now and then.

That said, a few frostings to try out include cream cheese frosting, chocolate buttercream frosting, and chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Cake

With its swirls of creamy frosting and fudgy-yet-fluffy layers, a chocolate cake is synonymous with the wriggling excitement you experienced as a kid. It's like a first date – a shared dessert to give you butterflies in your stomach, making it the ultimate celebration food.

In all honesty, a chocolate cake is perhaps one of the simplest cakes you can ever make, overshadowing most doctored cake mix recipes. You don't even need a heavy-duty mixer as the cake batter can be easily made using a whisk and a bowl.

With everything done right, including the perfect crumb and a perfect chocolate buttercream frosting, a moist chocolate cake may be the best cake you ever get to eat – no kidding. Well, not unless the taste of chocolate brings you out in a cold sweat.

There you go! Your repertoire now includes some of the best tasting and looking cakes ever to grace the planet. Pick any of the options above to experiment with, and be sure to wow your family and friends. Just picture the smile on their faces and awe when you prepare and give them something mouth-wateringly delicious and beautiful.

Be sure to bookmark these types of cakes in your arsenal. They are all straightforward to prepare and will prove worth it anytime the mood to do some baking strikes. Contact us for help with your baking needs or to order beautiful cakes of any design you like. Have fun!

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