You’ll Love These Creative DIY Mason Jar Projects

You’ll Love These Creative DIY Mason Jar Projects

One of the hottest trends in DIY projects is to create fun, unique gifts out of mason jars. Mason jars are versatile and beautiful, and since they come in so many different sizes, they’re perfect for craft projects both large and small. Here are five of our favorite ways to use mason jars for your next DIY project.

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Mason Jar Projects

  • Handcrafted Mason Jar Candles
  • Decorative mason jar lanterns
  • Custom spice shaker set
  • Seashore or garden terrarium
  • Cupcakes in a Jar

Handcrafted mason jar candles. You can create gorgeous scented candles using small or medium-sized mason jars. You’ll find all the necessary supplies online or at your local craft store, from wax to wicks to jars. First, melt wax flakes and color chips together to achieve the desired color. Since warm, liquid wax always cools to a slightly lighter color, you should use more colorant for a vibrant candle, or less colorant for a softer look. Then add about an ounce of scent per pound of wax. Try citrus or pine for a refreshing candle, or use rose, lilac or vanilla for a more soothing candle. As you pour the wax into the mason jar, you can add different colors after each one cools to create a beautiful, layered effect. Or embed small, nonflammable items like seashells or glass beads to give your candle an artistic touch. These unique candles make the perfect Mother’s Day gift or birthday gift.

Decorative mason jar lanterns. These delightful lights add an elegant touch to any home or gathering. Decorate your mason jar by spray painting the inside a glittery silver or gold, then place a tea light inside for a sparkling tabletop lantern. You can also place a real candle inside the jar: just leave the top open for ventilation, then secure the candle in a nonflammable material like river rocks or glass beads. Create glimmering mason jar lights by placing one or two strands of battery operated led lights inside each jar, and then place them around your patio or living room like floating clouds of fireflies. Or use a light socket cord kit and vintage-style light bulb to make a fashionable hanging light fixture.

Custom spice shaker set. Mason jars are the perfect way to package your custom spice blend for yourself or as a gift. How about a pumpkin spice blend to sprinkle on your oatmeal, or a barbecue spice blend for outdoor grilling? Just use a hammer and nail to poke holes in the mason jar lid. An elegant handwritten or printed label will complete your shaker. Then decorate it with tulle and a bow for gifting. But don’t stop with spices! Fill your mason jar shakers with sprinkles, chocolate pearls, powdered sugar, and all your favorite dessert decorations. Or fill them with glitter for easy use on your next craft project.

Seashore or garden terrarium. Do you wish you could relive your last beach vacation? A seashore terrarium lets you do just that, all while making a beautiful centerpiece. Start with a large mason jar and fill it with layers of gravel or pebbles, sand, and seashells. You can add sand dollars, glass beads, Spanish moss, or anything that reminds you of that perfect beach. (Many of these items can be found in your backyard or in a local craft store.) You can also create a rock garden or an air plant terrarium using the same method. This is a great hands-on activity for any kind of party or get-together, and guests can take home their own keepsake terrarium.

Cupcakes in a jar. Our absolute favorite use for mason jars is cupcakes in a jar! Whether you go the home-baked route or order them freshly-made and ready to ship from our online store, these sweet treats are sure to please. To make these at home, use the inner lid of your mason jar as a template to cut out circles of cake. Drop one round piece of cake in the jar, and then use a piping bag to cover it with a generous layer of frosting. Sprinkle a thick layer of decorations like sprinkles, nuts, chopped candy, or even fresh raspberries or strawberries. Then repeat these layers until you approach the top of the jar. Carefully screw on the lid, and you have a lovely and tasty treat!

At Sunflour Baking Company, we’ve made a specialty out of our cupcakes in a jar. Our online store has 12 delectable cupcake flavors to choose from. We layer our cupcakes, frosting and toppings in clear mason jars that show off every morsel to perfection. Then we carefully package and ship them to your destination of choice with the click of a button. Whether you’re treating a friend, catering for a party, or indulging yourself, contact us to get started placing your cupcake order. What are your mason jar projects you would like to share?

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