How to Throw a Birthday Party on the Road

How to Throw a Birthday Party on the Road

Birthdays don’t always happen when they are most convenient. You are not always home surrounded by friends and family when it’s time to plan a birthday party and many people find themselves on the road during this very personally special time of year. Celebrating your birthday away from home can be challenging and many adults learn to treat themselves to a quiet personal celebration whether or not the ideal circumstances for a party are available. And sometimes, you find yourself needing to throw a little party for a child that will be rewarding even if their friends can’t attend for a big weekend sleepover.

Fortunately, one of the best things about our modern online-shopping based world is that you can plan almost anything mail-order and on the road. If you know where you’ll be on the birthday in question, you can absolutely arrange for an entire party to be shipped right to your door. Beleive it or not, everything from decorations to a fresh delicious cake can be ordered online.

The Location

The first step is to know where you’re going to be. When celebrating on the road, plan one specific hotel or vacation rental stop over the special day. This gives you a place to send and eventually receive packages that will arrive just in time for your party. Get expedited shipping or plan far enough ahead that everything arrives at your lodging on exactly the same day while you are there to receive them. This is the first and most important step to a great traveler’s birthday.

The Decorations

Everyone decorates differently for their party but there’s no denying that a little visual festivity is at the heart of a birthday celebration. Party supply stores and eCommerce markets would be more than happy to ship you confetti, crepe paper streamers, party hats, or even just a few nice roll-up posters. For more sophisticated adults with long-term taste, a starscape projector or ambient colored lamp might be the right style and also easy to find.

The Presents

Presents are one of the key parts of any birthday. Even if you’re planning a party on the road, it’s nice to have something to open. Many eCommerce venues offer basic gift wrapping, allowing you to send colorfully wrapped presents to a traveling friend, treat yourself, or surprise a child you’re traveling with by presenting them with beautiful unexpected presents. Online shopping makes it possible to have almost anything delivered

The Dinner

Fortunately, every town in America and most across the world are prepared to help you enjoy a wonderful birthday dinner. Whether your special treat is steak or all-you-can-eat Chinese food, there is sure to be a restaurant available that will tickle your taste buds and provide ample reward as a birthday meal. If you’re having a cozy birthday “in” despite your travels, order room service and delight in a long soak in the tub.

The Cake

Finally, no birthday is complete without your favorite flavor of cake made special for the day. While you could swing buy a bland grocery store sheet cake, there’s a far more delicious and personal option you can order online. Cupcakes in a Jar are made perfect and fresh our little Sunflower Bakery in Charlotte NC and packaged straight into beautiful mason jar designs for customers too far away to swing by the bakery and pick up a few special cupcakes of their own.

We have everything from Carrot Cake to German Chocolate to Classic Birthday Cake, meaning whatever your special birthday experience should be, we can provide it in road-friendly fashion. The perfect on-th-go party solution, every Cupcake in a Jar comes with its own napkin and spoon so you can keep partying even if you have to take your show on the road. For more great last-minute and travel party tips, contact us today!

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