The Summer Season’s The Reason For Cupcakes

The Summer Season’s The Reason For Cupcakes

It’s halfway to the end of the year: school is out for the summer, vacation trips, weeks of camp and relaxed days around the pool and backyard replace crammed and hectic days of homework, housework and the kids’ activity-of-the-moment practice. But the need for sweets remains. Whether an after-dinner treat, a reward for a lawn well-mowed or a last-minute food gift for a party-hosting neighbor, there are many reasons to keep a supply of Sunflour Bakery’s cake jars available.

Seven ways a Cupcake in a Jar sweetens summer:

When you go camping

Whether driving an RV or pitching a tent, portable cupcakes are the ideal snack. Easily stored, airtight and crumble-proof in their container, take a taste of home with you to any campground.

When you need a last-minute gift

The neighbor hosts a barbecue, your child’s daycare provider deserves something special for their devotion and attention, the pet sitter who pampers your pooch while you’re away, the camp counselors who manage your kids for two weeks while you get a break — your friends and life’s support team deserve the gift of cupcakes. And our flavor variety means customized gifts for everyone.

Packing snacks for a road trip

Nothing makes a long road trip longer than the familiar whine, “I’m hungry! When can we stop to eat?” Our cupcakes, packed in boxes of two, four and six jars, feeds a family any flavor they crave with the simple addition of a spoon. And the pretty Mason jars are recyclable or reusable for other food storage.

A small, sweet cheat for your diet

Summertime is minimal clothes time: swimsuits, shorts, and sundresses rule. And a Cupcake in a Jar is a minimal indulgence for maximum eating pleasure. Our small serving of high-quality ingredients satisfies dessert desires while you keep fit and maintain overall good eating habits.

Airport waits and long plane rides

You know the rules: get to the airport early so there’s time for parking, baggage check, and the dreaded TSA check-in lines. It’s enough to wear you down and leave you feeling empty. Cupcakes in a Jar pass the TSA food rules test and if you resist the temptation to eat yours before boarding the aircraft, you’ll earn the envy of your fellow passengers while you enjoy it in flight.

A late-night post-party treat

You get home late after a night out dancing, concert-going, bar-hopping or hanging out with friends. You’re hungry, but it’s too late for a full meal and using the microwave to reheat anything wakes up the rest of the family. Pull out a cupcake, grab a spoon and snack in peace and quiet. No need to share and no need to fuss with dishes or clean up.

When you need to send the very best

Like-minded cupcake lovers in your life love it when you share our products. Send them anywhere in the U.S.; we ship in as little as four days to most states. Our cupcakes cheer a sick friend, thank a caring host for their hospitality and remind family we’re thinking of them, no matter where they live.

Sunflour Baking Company’s neatly-packaged Cupcakes in a Jar is as easy to order as it is to give. Our 12 cupcake flavors include Peanut Butter Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Blondie, Raspberry, Caramel and Carrot Cake, all complimented with creamy frosting selections. The packaging ensures perfect delivery, with a refrigeration shelf life of two weeks and freezer life of six months. Not that they will last long once they arrive! Visit us online or call for more information and to place your order today! And stop by one of our four retail stores next time you visit the Charlotte, N.C. area to say hello and try our gourmet coffees, teas, sandwiches, and pastries.

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