Treat Yourself: Cupcake Edition

Treat Yourself: Cupcake Edition

Who can resist the allure of cupcakes? They’re the perfect combination of moist cake, decadent swirls of frosting, and delightful toppings. You’ve probably baked homemade cupcakes for a birthday party, or bought gourmet cupcakes for a friend at work. But when was the last time you treated yourself? It’s time to take back the guilty pleasure of having your cake and eating it too. Here are three of our favorite cupcakes, and three very convincing reasons for you to enjoy them!

Had a great day at work? Celebrate with a chocolate raspberry cupcake. Work can be one of the most stressful things in life, and for most people, it drains at least eight hours of every day. But sometimes, work can also be amazing and rewarding. Did your boss congratulate you for your great work on a difficult project? Did you meet an important deadline on time? Or did you just clean out 3,000 unread emails from your inbox? All of these are great reasons to celebrate. After you pat yourself on the back, enjoy one of our “Pink” chocolate cupcakes topped with rich, raspberry buttercream frosting. The delicate and refreshing flavor of raspberry is the perfect complement to our moist chocolate cake. No one but you knows how hard you have to work each day, and no one but you will appreciate and enjoy this cupcake more at that moment.

Kids back in school? Sit back and relax with a key lime cupcake. It’s the day you’ve been waiting for all summer: the kids are finally back in school! Forget about shuttling them to camp each week or dragging them to the library every day. You finally have 6 or 7 hours of uninterrupted time back to yourself. The first way you should celebrate is with a key lime cupcake! With its tangy layers of key lime curd and key lime frosting over delectable key lime cake, it’s like a symphony in your mouth. And no, don’t bring it home to share it with the kids. This is your time and your indulgence. We want you to eat every last crumb and lick every last bit of frosting yourself. In fact, we highly suggest you buy two because you’ll probably devour the first one and then will want to savor the second one.

Did some volunteer work? You deserve a triple chocolate cupcake. At Sunflour Baking Company, we love our community. And if you are someone who loves your community and shows it through volunteer work, then we take our hats off to you! After a long day of sorting cans at the food bank or cleaning trash from your local park, you definitely deserve to treat yourself to a scrumptious triple chocolate cupcake. Nothing is more decadent than chocolate on top of chocolate on top of chocolate. Between the chocolate buttercream frosting, and the delectable chocolate cake and toppings, your mouth won’t know how to thank you. Volunteer work sometimes goes unnoticed and underappreciated. But you can change that simply by buying a cupcake for yourself.

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Our cupcakes in a jar are extremely popular and they can be ordered from anywhere in the United States. They will keep for 10 days without refrigeration, two weeks in the refrigerator, and up to six months in the freezer. Send them to friends and family for special occasions, or for no reason at all. Cupcakes are a perfect dessert to serve to your guests or to keep in the kitchen for a special treat when your sweet tooth has a craving! >>> Order cupcakes here.

We love our local customers and want to be a part of your birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. Stop by any of our four Charlotte area locations (Elizabeth, Dilworth, Harrisburg, and Ballantyne) and pick up bread, cakes, and pastries and enjoy organic, fair trade coffee. We’d love to give you a great start to your day with delicious breakfast sandwiches or brighten your midday with a made-to-order sandwich for lunch.

Whether you’re local, or just visiting for a while, every day is the perfect day to treat yourself! Stop by Sunflour and pick up some cupcakes to take to the park. We’ve even got a few suggestions in case you’re not sure where to go.

Freedom Park (1900 East Blvd., Charlotte)

From our Dilworth location, Freedom Park is less than 2 miles away, so if you’re worried about the calories, you could burn off them off by walking. But don’t forget, calories don’t count if they’re eaten from a jar.

The park has a trail that loops around a lake, a large playground, a huge train engine, fields, tennis courts, and volleyball courts. Another awesome feature is the Play60 area which was installed by the Carolina Panthers. This obstacle course is fun for adults and children; it will even measure how fast you can run the 40 yard dash.

If you’re up to the challenge, rent one of the bikes from the B-cycle station and ride it just over 2 miles to our original Elizabeth location of Sunflour Bakery (and of course try a different flavored cupcake in a jar).

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Romare Bearden Park (300 South Church St., Charlotte)

It’s only a 10 minute drive from our Elizabeth store to this gorgeous green space in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, but we think you’ll enjoy riding the Light Rail. Romare Bearden is only a few blocks from the stop at the Charlotte Transportation Center. The park has gardens, fountains, and lounge areas. On Tuesdays and Fridays between May and August, there is live music from noon until 1:30 pm. On Wednesday evenings from 6-9 pm, there is a free concert series called “Party in the Park” and once a month from June until September there is the Bearden Music Series. There are various other events throughout the year, but the park can be enjoyed by anyone at any time. So go ahead and pack those cupcakes in a jar to savor as you enjoy this beautiful park in the middle of the city.

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Frank Liske Park (4001 Stough Road, Concord)

Just 10 minutes from our newest location in Harrisburg is a fantastic 243 acre park. You could spend all day here at the playgrounds, fishing or using the paddle boats in the lake, walking the trails, playing horse shoes and miniature golf, and watching little league baseball or youth soccer games. Bring your tennis rackets and a frisbee, or start a game of sand volleyball. There are several picnic shelters and a refurbished barn, all of which are perfect places to host birthday parties where you can treat your guests to cakes or cupcakes from our bakery.

We’ve been baking in Charlotte since 2009 and we are thrilled about our expansion. Treat yourself to something delicious from our local bakery and enjoy it in one of the awesome parks in the Charlotte area because “Charlotte’s got a lot”!

Now that we’ve given you every excuse to have a cupcake, may we suggest you look at our cupcakes in a jar? They’re the same delectable cupcakes you know and love, except packaged in a jar for easy transport and easy eating. And don’t worry, they’re still just as gorgeous as our regular cupcakes. Our clear glass jars showcase every morsel of cake and every swirl of frosting, with your favorite toppings still intact. We manage to fit two cupcakes in every jar… which is a single serving to us cupcake lovers! The best part of all is that cupcakes in a jar will last two weeks in the refrigerator and six months if frozen. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to order yours today.

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